You Have Been Granted Police Officer Status, Jump in Partner, We Have a Call

In today's unsteady times we will rely more and more on officers to keep the peace. Think about’re sitting at a traffic light minding your own business when you hear the yelp of a siren. A police car squeezes through traffic with its overhead lights flashing a symmetrical pattern. You wonder what is going on... Now find out.

Washington, DC, December 06, 2008 --( In the authentic and authoritative new book, (“Silent Partner”) a police officer gives you unprecedented insight into his world. This raw compilation chronicles the daily activities of Road Deputy from the pages of his year-long police journal, and reveals the unbelievable—and sometimes baffling—experiences of a cop on the street. From chasing stolen vehicles and driving home drunken.

Co-author Steven King says "Silent Partner is the first police book compiled in real time. All aspects of mood and thoughts are captured. This journal is written while on scene. There are hundreds of people encountered: some go to jail, many get lectures and tickets. You will meet them all. Don't be fooled by the hit TV shows and movies that supposedly portray authentic police work in an hour or two. This journal is a year long look into the real world of law enforcement”.

He fears nothing and risks everything—day and night. . Sometimes scary, frequently hilarious, but always entertaining, “Silent Partner” is a one-of a- kind, unforgettable look at the daily life of a police officer. Put on your badge, buckle your seat belt, and hang on for the ride.

New Zealand tourists, to apprehending a criminal for armed robbery and busting up loud parties, you’ll experience the front lines first-hand. But even more, you’ll be privy to the candid and often humorous insights of a police officer as you become Road Deputy’s “Silent Partner.” A must read for those interested in life on the beat.

"Silent Partner" Law Enforcement Adventures
Steven King