Announcement of URL Shortening Site Launched

Affiliate marketing is extremely profitable and is getting more and more important when it comes to eBiz and SNVC is a great help to the affiliate marketing services.

Singapore, Singapore, December 07, 2008 --( The website (hereafter referred to as the 'SNVC' ) came into being in the month of August, 2008 and pretty soon it has grabbed the attention of the domain owners and net users as well as the affiliate marketers. This is one website which offers really helpful services and after reviewing of this site it can be said that there services are here to stay.

There are many kinds of services that this website offers to its visitors and among these include the facilities of shortening long URLs and of cloaking the links to various sites. To the internet and the affiliated marketers this is a very important issue and SNVC has arrived as a boon to them. It is now made possible through this site to forward the visitors to a particular path, a different website with the help of the shortened URLs and all that the website manager will have to do in order to achieve these ends would be to add the name of the file at the end of the shortened URL.

Forwarding, cloaking, redirection, shortening URLs these are the main services which are offered at the SNVC site. One can even use their services to mask the real URL name from the visitors and for that the ‘Hide Real URL?’ option is to be checked. Even when the visitors to the site adds the site to favorites or bookmarks it the real URL is not revealed to him or her and this is done with the help of the SNVC website.

The users can use the services of SNVC to get their URLs edited and these are the unique things that can be done from this site which renders it to be very popular among the net users these days.

The entire procedure which one has to follow in order to get his URL shortened is very simple and even an internet novice will no difficulty to understand the process. All that he or she will have to do is type or copy-paste the original URL in the box and he or she can even include a keyword if he or she so prefers. The person will have multiple options which he or she can check or uncheck according to his or her preferences. The SNVC site also has the option made available to the users with which he or she can get these services added to his or her own website and in future this will enable the individual to make use of the SNVC services from his or her respective web page.

Rick Lim from Singapore is the Web Developer of the SNVC website. The website is offering their services for free and they would charge no one-time subscription fee or any hidden fees to their users which is really a very good point to consider.

Those that have used the services of SNVC already has given positive reviews for the site and they say that the entire process being easy and simple as well as free they chose to make full use of it. Users of the SNVC site are adding the SNVC options to their own websites so that the visitors of the page are redirected to affiliate links and this brings in traffic. As can be gathered from the users reviews that are out so far one can say that SNVC is a really helpful and unique website offering profitable services and every affiliate marketer ought to check it out for sure.

Rick Lim