Live Virtual Training Series on the US Crisis: Top Real Estate Investors Come Together from December to February

Las Vegas, NV, December 08, 2008 --( Stephan Bourget, from Quebec City, QC, and Daniel Germain, from Lachenaie, QC, two highly successful real estate investors in both the Canadian and American markets, have just launched a free multi-week advanced real estate investing training series to be held online from December 11th, 2008 to February 12th, 2009.

They have been searching day and night for weeks to find the USA's most successful real estate investors so they could bring them together and make them share their wealth of knowledge for investing in real estate in the current tumultuous market.

Titled "Discover How To Turn The US Subprime Mortgage Crisis Into A Wealth Building Machine", the series aims to teach why real estate is in crisis in the US, how is the current condition of the US housing market, why it is the perfect time to invest, and how to do it successfully, part-time, through the power of leverage and automation.

With a handful of panelists ready to teach their most coveted secrets in a series of an-hour-and-a-half, content-intensive virtual conferences, the hosts set the ground for a never-seen-before empowering event that will help many investors get out of their fears to take full advantage of the current market conditions in order to take control of their own future, build their wealth and never have to worry again about the economics of the world.

For more information about how you can participate in this special multi-week advanced real estate investing training series, you can contact Daniel Germain at 802-659-4289. You can also check the availability of seats at

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