At Sharkeys Healing Centre "Menopausal" Woman Creates Baby Naturally with Her Own Eggs

41 year old woman told by several doctors that she was in menopause and could not create a pregnancy, gives birth after natural herbal treatment.

New York, NY, December 10, 2008 --( Anyone who is dealing with fertility issues knows that the kiss of death from a fertility specialist is high FSH. If your FSH is higher than 10 it is likely that your doctor will tell you that you can't have children, you are past your used by date or you don't have many or any eggs left.

A 41 year old woman in Australia had an FSH of 150 and was told by several doctors she was in menopause. After 4 months on a program at the US site for Sharkeys Healing Centre run by Herbalist Stacey Roberts and other naturopaths, this woman lowered her FSH to 7 and became pregnant with her child, delivering a healthy baby 9 months later.

Recently at Sharkeys Healing Centre a 47 year old gave birth to her first child after being on the internet program at

With nearly 5000 babies born to most couples who were told they wouldn't conceive, serves couples all over the world to help them address the issues that could be keeping them from conceiving. Australia's Babymaker, Stacey Roberts says, "its not uncommon for us to hear that a woman older than 35 is in a high risk group and is not likely to conceive. We have proven 1000's of times over that this is not necessarily true. We support couples trying to become pregnant naturally or through assisted reproductive technologies."

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