New Report Promises to Help Shoppers Find the Best Holiday Deals

Washington, DC, December 11, 2008 --( The economic downturn has forced shoppers to curtail budgets and rethink expenses for the holiday season. According to Accenture’s Holiday Shopping Survey, 14% of consumers will not buy gifts for friends and colleagues. Furthermore, the majority of consumers (76%) expect to spend less this Christmas season to prepare for and survive the tough economic conditions ahead.

As dismal as this may sound, it doesn’t necessarily have to be true. Neuron has developed a special report to help holiday shoppers significantly trim their budgets while still being able to buy everyone’s gifts.

According to Neuron Global, people don’t need to shop less—they just need to shop smarter. The company just launched a new report to address this exact issue, Strategies for the Smart Shopper: How to Cut Costs while Maintaining your Lifestyle. The report is a thoroughly researched, step-by-step guide that promises to save shoppers hundreds of dollars on their holiday spending and to help families save up to $1298 on their retail expenses over the next year.

The report contains reviews of innovative tools and often unused resources that when combined in Neuron’s 5 Steps can help ease the financial pressures of shopping during a difficult recession. The interactive report is the result of hundreds of hours of research, interviews and analyses conducted by Neuron Global Inc, a company who has written customized reports for Harvard Business School, the World Bank, MIT and the Society of Organizational Learning among others.

This report can be previewed for free and the company allows you to pay the amount you want. Neuron Global president Sedarius Tekara Perrotta said, “We know that times are tough so everything you purchase should be of real value.” He goes on to say, “We believe that using the information contained in this report will save people hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in the coming months. So we thought that if people found the information useful, they would happily pay us for it.”

You can get a free copy of the report to preview by visiting Strategies for the Smart Shopper: How to Cut Costs while Maintaining your Lifestyle is the first of a Recession Series that covers five parts of daily life: Retail, Groceries, Entertainment & Travel, Home & Transportation and Healthcare. The information in all five reports is claimed to help save an average family over $5,000 a year and a single person almost $3,000 a year.

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