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A paint your own pottery studio opens in Northborough, MA.

Northborough, MA, December 11, 2008 --( On December 12th, PYOP Studio (A Paint Your Own Pottery) will open its doors, giving families a creative activity to do together. At PYOP Studio (located at 290 W, Main St) family’s can paint a platter that can be past done from one generation to another. As part of the Grand Opening, from December 12th-14th, PYOP Studio is asking the community to help decorate the studio by painting a tile for free to be part of the tile wall in the studio.

“We created PYOP Studio to be a place that family and friends can come together and create memories that will be treasured forever,“ said Vaishali Patel, President of PYOP Studio. “Contrary to the belief that painting is for an artist, PYOP is a place where anyone can create a masterpiece of their own. We have all tools that one needs to paint something that they will be proud to call their own.”

PYOP Studio is a great place to make unique gifts this Holiday Season. Some popular gifts are print/footprint plates or personalized ornaments for the grandparents, handpainted business card holder for dad or even a vase painted by the kids for mom.

How it works:
1. Pick out pottery ( well over 200 styles, including plates, bowls, mugs, platters, vases, kids items, frames, banks, etc…) and paint (over 50 colors)
2. Trace, draw, paint, and sign masterpiece
3. Pick it up one week later (Once PYOP staff glazes and fires the pieces)

About PYOP Studio, Inc:
PYOP Studio is the “baby” of Vaishali Patel, President. Patel worked in the corporate world for many years and, to relieve stress, started painting pottery. She would start painting and think that 10 minutes had passed, only to look up and realize that she had been painting for two hours. In 2005, Patel found out she was pregnant. Her husband was traveling for work and she did not want to tell him he was going to be a father over the phone. Patel decided that there is only one time a wife can really surprise her husband. With that is mind she painted a plate that said, “You’re going to be a perfect Daddy.” On a cold October afternoon in New England, she picked up her husband from the airport and set up a picnic at the lake. For dessert, he got chocolate covered fruit on a “new” plate. The rest is history. As Patel would tell you, PYOP Studio has been in her life for a really long time; at her baby shower, instead of a typical guestbook she had a sign in platter, for the first father’s day a handprint mug, first mother’s day she received a handprint mug. These are memories she will treasure forever.

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