Custom Soldano 44 Guitar Amp Exclusively at Blues City Music

Memphis, TN, December 11, 2008 --( Blues City Music has teamed up with the leading guitar amp builder, Soldano Custom Amplification, to create an amplifier guitarists have always wanted. Within its compact size, the Soldano 44 will provide guitarists an unmatched assortment of tones, power, and versatility.

Founded on the principal of providing unmatched customer service and top shelf products, James Burke opened up Blues City Music in 2005. As a tone chasing guitarist himself, and after numerous inquiries from session players and working guitarists, James Burke contacted Mike Soldano about creating an amplifier that could deliver what guitar players have asked for all along…everything. Based on the compact size of the Soldano Astroverb combo, Soldano and Blues City Music have worked together to create the Soldano 44. Filling out at dimensions of 17.5” tall x 17.5” wide x 10” deep and at a weight of 48 pounds, this guitar amplifier will deliver 50 watts of power and performance without problem.

Features of the new Soldano 44 include:
-1 x 12” combo
-single “SLO” crunch channel for tone preservation and simplicity
-50 watts
-2 x 5881/6L6 power amp tubes
-5 x 12AX7’s from either JJ, Tung-Sol or Electro Harmonix
-3 spring Magic reverb tank (as good as any stand alone unit)
-bass, middle, treble, and presence control knobs
-pre gain with 2 master volumes (Normal and Lead / footswitch activated)
-2 speaker outputs
-footswitch jack with footswitch
-ohm impedance selector (4,8,16)
-choice of speakers (choose between the Eminence “Soldano Tweaked” Legend, Celestion Vintage 30, Jensen NEO and Jensen Blackbird, or WGS Blackhawk)
-choice of tolex covering (Black or Regency Blue)
-blue “power on” jewel light on front panel with black chassis
-speaker, power cord, and reverb harnesses upgradeable to Solid Cables
Base Price $2170.00 USD

The Soldano 44 has recently been selected as one of Premier Guitar Magazine’s products of the year receiving 5 out of 5 stars for its overall performance and versatility. Reviewer, Mike Mueller says “the amps versatility ranks somewhere between unbelievable and ridiculous.”

Tommy Beard, of Fat Tone Pickups, had this to say: "I had the pleasure of housing the first BCM 44 amp at the Fat Tone Pickups booth at Winter NAMM 08. I have to say that it was built like a tank as well as being as portable as I have ever seen for that much power. I loved the Blue tolex as well. Cool and different.”

Gary Usher Jr. of Metal Blade Records says: "I like my amps Hot & Lean...The new Blues 44 takes me from 0 to 10 in 10 seconds...just the way I like it!"

The initial batch of 20 is now ready for immediate delivery. For more information on the Custom Soldano 44, please visit

About Blues City Music
Blues City Music is located in a rural suburb east of Memphis, Tennessee, the Blues capital of the world, and is owned and operated by James Burke, a full time Boeing 727 Captain/Check Airman for Federal Express. What makes this online Internet business so different is that James makes his living flying and not by selling guitars, amps, or pedals.

As the largest stocking dealer for Soldano and Splawn amplification, you have the ability to buy from a large selection of their products, or create your own amp from model, color, and modifications as per the manufacturer, with a purchase order from Blues City Music. Either way, we are here to please.

Our payment and shipping options are first class and can easily meet your expectations, so when you decide on the amp of your dreams, have no worries; your order will be processed and shipped right.

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