IP Launch Offers Up to $50,000 in Free Services to Winner of Innovation Contest, Seeks Contestants

IP Launch, Inc. will give away up to $50,000 in Free valuation and strategy services to the winner of the Innovative Business Contest hosted on InnovativeEconomy.com. The Contest Ends on December 15, 2008. The services awarded include a valuation of the business or technology and the strategy to extract the value under current economic conditions. Any size company may participate.

Irving, TX, December 12, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Santa is stuffing someone’s stocking with a new future for 2009, one that allows them to rise above the current economic slowdown and put real jingle in their pocket all year long.

IP Launch, Inc, plays Santa this year by offering up to $50,000 in Free services to put a value on someone’s innovation and a roadmap to realize that value, even in this economy. Any size company is eligible, from innovators working at their kitchen tables to the Fortune 500. Will we find the next Google? Will we discover an innovator whose invention changes an industry and kick-starts economic recovery?

The free service package (valued at up to $50,000) will be awarded to the winner of an Innovative Business contest posted on www.InnovativeEconomy.com. The contest will end on December 15, 2008.

Shane Lashley, MBA, M.Mgt., CEO and Co-Founder of IP Launch, Inc. explains, “Leaders need to know how to use their innovation to compensate for lost resources in other areas. The real value of this contest isn’t limited to the one free project of up to $50,000. It’s the opportunity to discover a value much higher than that, and developing a road map to retrieve that value. The actual value could be well into the millions of dollars, even in this environment.

“Company leaders need to look at their inventory of innovations - even those they may have previously dismissed - and realize all the power that may lie in those innovations to create an economic survival kit for the company.

“Just as the human body compensates for loss of one sense by becoming more powerful in other senses, innovation can - and should - be used by companies to compensate for diminished capacities for attracting capital, customers or creating competitive momentum.

“For example, many people know about the role intellectual property plays in protecting their rights in a legal context, but few leaders are aware of the role intellectual property can play in helping them attract resources they can no longer access through traditional means. We hope this contest will open their eyes to the possibilities they have sitting on their desk right now, but don’t recognize.

“We also realize great innovative minds may be on the verge of bringing life-changing technologies to the world, but they are mired in investor indifference and paranoia. Perhaps we can give a voice to someone who today can’t be heard. Perhaps our objective measurement and a practical roadmap to make that valuation number become a reality will help someone to overcome a current roadblock.”

Contestants can solicit votes from the public on their submissions. Each contestant receives a full page post on the InnovativeEconomy.com blog. Voters can comment on the blog to express their support. Lashley clarified, “This isn’t just a popularity contest, but we do want to see that people believe in what someone submits. This could be valuable exposure for all the contestants, not just the winner.”

If a company needs cash, customers, capital or competitive power, it is imperative that its leaders know the value of all the innovations and the best ways to extract that value in today’s economic climate. This is for big companies, small companies, solo inventors, Fortune 500 and everything in between. It is international, too. After all, we live in a global economy.

Not sure why someone would want a valuation or how they might really use one? Here are ten powerful reasons and ways to use this kind of valuation.

Five questions your audience might appreciate you answering in an interview with Shane Lashley:

1. Why is a small company like IP Launch offering to give free service to a Fortune 500 company if they win? Isn’t that like David helping Goliath – for nothing?
2. Why is innovation important in this economy?
3. With the stock market falling and sales falling, is it really possible to inspire confidence by measuring value?
4. Is there any particular industry focus that stands a better chance of winning the contest than another?
5. How could a small or mid-size company benefit from winning this contest?

About IP Launch, Inc.
IP Launch, Inc. is an intellectual property management company in Dallas, Texas. Co-Founded by Shane Lashley, MBA, M.Mgt. and Michelle Monroe, CPA in 2001, the company measures the economic value of innovations and provides advice on the best ways to extract that value. IP Launch has served Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, CEOs, entrepreneurs and investors. From time to time, IP Launch principals serve as consulting experts in legal disputes involving intellectual property.

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