InnovativeEconomy Reveals Most Important Change to Making Money from Blogs in 2009, Offers Multipack Solution to Kick-Start Blogger Results

The rules of blogging will change in 2009. The single greatest change will be how bloggers begin to improve the value of their reader, rather than the reader contributing a few pennies of value to the blog through ad-sales. authors reveal the specifics in their new Multipack program that includes an ebook, membership course and teleclasses for bloggers who wish to make more money for only $27.

Irving, TX, December 13, 2008 --( Making money with blogs takes a sharp right turn in 2009 as the bloggers discover ways to make more money with less traffic and smaller audiences. Shane Lashley, a social media strategist and innovation expert, says, “The biggest change in blogging for 2009 will be the shift bloggers make from making pennies per reader through ad sales to focusing on the value of that same reader can offer to innovations the blog sells and the blogger owns.

“Blogging and innovation have officially collided, creating an explosion of opportunity, especially in this economy, regardless of whether you approach it as a blogger first, entrepreneur first or an innovator first.

“2009 will be all about rights – innovation rights, or, as we know them, intellectual property rights.”

Lashley explains, “Let’s assume for a moment you and I share a common interest in a subject. We each write blogs about it. The readers of those blogs buy products associated with the topic. You decide to focus on driving a gargantuan number of visitors to your blog so you can justify advertising rates, make money through Adsense or affiliate product commissions in mass volume to your readers. You take a long time to build that traffic. While you are building it, your blog is worth very little money.

“If anything happens to your day-job or you personally during this traffic-building period, there is little if any financial recovery to be realized from your blog. If you just decide you want to take a different direction in life that does not involve this blog your ability to recover the cost of your time, money and energy is potentially much less than what you put into it so far.

“I, on the other hand, secure intellectual property rights (patents, copyrights, trademarks and trade secrets) to products our mutual audience will buy. Let’s say my traffic is only one-tenth of your traffic.

“A common misconception is that your blog is more valuable than mine. It has ten times the traffic, right? But you cannot sell the products I offer, because I control the legal rights to them. The value of my traffic is heavily increased by the value of my intellectual property rights. And here is a truth about business valuation that is so little known you would think it is a secret, but it really isn’t: The value of my traffic is greatly accelerated in time by my intellectual property rights. Meaning, the value of my blog grows faster – much faster – than your blog, even if our efforts are the same and you get ten times more traffic than me.

“In my example, you and I have now been blogging for the same length of time. Life happens – maybe we each experience tragic medical events that prevent us from continuing. Maybe we each decide to do other things. Whatever the reasons, we each decide to sell our respective ventures. You now realize every 100 visitors to your blog contributed, let’s say as an example, $10 to your blog’s value. Every 100 visitors to my blog created $500 to my blog’s value. My blog is 50 times more valuable than yours per visitor. Even with one-tenth the traffic, my blog is still five times more valuable.

“Can this be done? Yes. It is already happening, sometimes at much higher rates than just 50 times more too. As more people begin to do this they will lock up rights to innovations for years at a time.”

The authors of have created a wealth of resources for bloggers to tap so that they can make serious money from their blogs, turning them into financial assets in 2009.

The “Christmas Holiday Multipack Special” includes an ebook, a membership community and online course for all of 2009, 12 teleclasses throughout 2009 and other perks. This virtual bank of real-world how-to advice and steps is available for a very short time for one payment of $27. Lashley stated, “We are offering first-movers the opportunity to save hundreds of dollars by pre-registering. Those who wait will pay hundreds more very soon.”

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Shane Lashley