Website Dedicated to Science Fiction Movies Launched

Los Angeles, CA, December 13, 2008 --( A website called has been launched to provide people with a science fiction movie resource unlike others on the web. The website is purely concerned with science fiction movies released over the last fifty years, and gives movie reviews from the perspective of its 25 year-old founder Julian Card, who has just recently watched the films.

“I just realized how much I enjoy science fiction movies,” said Julian Card, founder of “There are so many great scifi films out there, as well as some outstandingly terrible movies that are just as fun to watch.”

The website features science fiction movie reviews, upcoming scifi films, and an extensive science fiction movie database including movies released over the last 50 years. The movie reviews, written from the perspective of the 25 year-old founder Julian Card, feature a fresh perspective of the movie genre.

“A lot of people get caught up with the fact that the movie is a classic, or are nostalgic because the movie was released when they were 10 years old,” stated Julian Card. “I think this skews the fact that some of the films are not very good and can be downright boring and unentertaining. In addition, some great scifi films lacked the advertising budget to be seen by many people that would enjoy them. I’d like to identify these movies to true scifi movie lovers so they could discover them just like I did.

“We should be posting a variety of new material each week, so if you don’t see the review you’re looking for, check back next week.”

Julian Card