Uncle Robby’s BBQ Woods Announces Introduction of New Website http://www.bbqsmokingwood.com

Uncle Robby's BBQ Woods offers visitors and customers information on how to cook with and use BBQ Smoking woods. It offers for sale over a dozen varieties of BBQ smoking woods, each with their own distinct taste. It provides recipes on what woods to use with what meats. It also provides great BBQ accessories for BBQ smokers and grills.

Elizabeth, NJ, December 13, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Uncle Robby’s BBQ Woods of Elizabeth, NJ recently announced the introduction of their new website, http://www.bbqsmokingwood.com. Uncle Robby’s BBQ Woods is a supplier of woods for the BBQ smoking and grilling industry. They provide the BBQ community with a variety of gourmet woods used to add smoke flavor to foods being smoked or grilled. The company offers more than a dozen different types of woods for home use as well as selling wholesale through other BBQ outlets.

Uncle Robby’s BBQ Woods provides woods cut into chips, chunks, logs, and dusts. Each wood cut has a different use such as chips and dusts are good for use of grills whereas chunks and logs are good for use in barbecue smokers. Each type of wood imparts the food being cooking with a distinct enjoyable flavor sure to please any taste palate. Offering a wide variety of wood types such as apple, cherry, maple, grape, pecan, hickory, mesquite, persimmon, sassafras, oak, pear, and plum, sets Uncle Robby’s apart from the competition. Each wood has a distinct taste and are suitable for different types of meats being cooked.

Uncle Robby’s new website, http://www.bbqsmokingwood.com, besides priding itself on offering a wide selection of woods, Uncle Robby’s BBQ Woods also sets the standard in customer service. If there is a specific type of wood a customer is looking for Uncle Robby’s will make its best effort to find a source to provide it to customers. All of Uncle Robby’s BBQ Woods are cut from limbs of naturally growing trees with no chemicals or additives. The trees are grown in Upstate New York, Pennsylvania, and Missouri, allowing for such a wide reaching variety.

For more information on Uncle Robby’s BBQ Woods please contact:

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Marketing Coordinator
Uncle Robby’s BBQ Wood
478 Schiller St., Elizabeth, NJ 07206

Uncle Robby's BBQ Woods
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