Auctioneers by Carla Bonten, Inc. Schedules February Auction

Carla Bonten continues to accept real estate inventory and more for the upcoming auction as she builds her inventory.

Bonita Springs, FL, December 18, 2008 --( Carla Bonten, owner of Auctioneers by Carla Bonten, Inc. in Bonita Springs, Florida, is finalizing plans to hold a real estate auction in Southwest Florida in early February, 2009. A Lee County location is yet to be determined and will be based upon response from sellers and the number of attendees.

Bonten continues to accept real estate inventory and more for the upcoming auction as she builds her inventory. She has been collecting properties and other items for the past month, but there is still time to be included in this unique solution to selling almost any item in today’s market, including real estate.

Bonten is accepting residential and commercial land, single family homes, estates, liquidation sales, foreclosures, and small business administration (SBA) default loans. She also is taking other items such as cars, equipment, store inventory, furniture, estate items, etc.

Bonten says, “There are so many benefits to using an auction versus a more traditional sales method. For real estate, auctions expose properties to a large number of pre-qualified prospects and entice buyers who are ready to buy. They accelerate the sales process and offer real estate sellers a predetermined sales date with a 30-45 day closing, Cash deal.”

Auctioneers by Carla Bonten Inc. creates customized marketing programs for their sellers’ properties. The competitive bidding process allows buyers and sellers to quickly learn what the market will pay for a property.

Bonten says, “This auction is not limited to real estate. We want people to know that we can auction off anything and everything. If there are any questions as to what can be auctioned and how it works, we give free consultations. During these economic times, some people may choose to sell off antiques, cars, boats, coins, jewelry, etc. and may not know that an auction is easily available to them. We ask that interested parties call for more details.”

Real estate sellers and those interested in auctioning off other items are urged to contact Bonten’s office as soon as possible to have their property/item included.

Bonten is an experienced auctioneer and is a member of the National Auctioneers Association and the Florida Auctioneers Association. Bonten is available for private auctions and auctions for the general public. For more information, call 239-949-9122 or email Carla Bonten (Broker/Licensed Auctioneer AU 3638 AB 2616) at

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