ActionCOACH Monte Wyatt Expands His Horizons by Getting Certified in Executive Coaching

Wyatt believes executive coaching is a great addition to balance his business and to increase the market place exposure for ActionCOACH.

Las Vegas, NV, December 18, 2008 --( In his quest to continually learn new skills and share them with others, ActionCOACH Monte Wyatt recently completed ActionCOACH’s newly launched executive coaching certification to become an Executive Coach.

He will be practicing from his office in West Des Moines, Iowa, where he also runs a successful business coaching firm.

“My business and personal goal is to help many entrepreneurial minded businesses and individuals reach their full potential,” he said. “Additionally, learning new skills and sharing them with others keeps me motivated and focused.”

Wyatt spent 14 years in the corporate world in various positions – including sales, sales training, sales management and marketing management. His corporate-world leadership and the executive coaching certification is a great combination for being a trusted advisor, strategist, and coach for the future of corporate America.

Wyatt believes that coaching is now becoming a necessity in every area of business and life.

“We have so many distractions that affect our focus today - stock market, employment, activities, personal life, etc. and in order to maximize our opportunities, our time, and our lives we all must have a 'coach' to help us through,” he said. “I have multiple coaches helping me in my business. They each help me in specific areas. In today's crazy world we all need a confidant or mentor to help us achieve our long-term objectives.”

Wyatt has been coaching the owners of small-to-medium sized businesses for over four years and now that he has ventured into executive coaching, he believes there are many similarities between small and large organizations.

“The key differences are based on scale and leverage. We bring great entrepreneurial insight to the corporate world – which in turn leverages the process of engaging, leading, influencing, and gaining input from many individuals,” he said.

Wyatt considers executive coaching to be a great opportunity to help larger organizations achieve their goals and increase the skill sets of their leaders.

“The skill sets taught with executive coaching will add balance and depth of knowledge for my current clientele as well,” he said. “My entrepreneurial heritage of working with small businesses will also assist executives to think and act differently.”

Wyatt believes there are three aspects of ActionCOACH’s approach to executive coaching, which will open up unlimited opportunities.

“The first is our amazing processes - the framework of our processes is proven and encompasses many methodologies. The second aspect is our values approach to coaching - we live and fulfill ten specific attitudes for ourselves as executive coaches and for the development and growth of our clients. Finally, our content is focused on achieving specific and measurable results with accountability for our clients,” he explained.

Wyatt believes that by diversifying into executive coaching, ActionCOACH has set the bar for knowledge and experience for coaching the business world.

“Executive coaching is a great addition to balance our business and to increase the market place exposure for ActionCOACH,” he said.

Coach Wyatt has received many awards and recognitions: Winner of the ActionMAN award for Consistency (2007) and the Finalist position for the Coach of the Year award (2007). He has also received the Master Coach designation from Brad Sugars – the founder and CEO of ActionCOACH. This honor allows Wyatt to coach other Business Coaches to improve their skills. Wyatt is also a Global Trainer for new ActionCOACH franchise owners.

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