Fee Setting Go to Guy Says "Raise Your Rates Regardless of What's Happening with the Economy"

Despite a slowing economy, many businesses are booming. Pricing and business model strategies play a big role in moving forward with a successful business regardless of the economic environment. Tom Buford, founder of Charge What You Deserve, shares such strategies so that service professionals can continue with business and income growth.

Atlanta, GA, December 18, 2008 --(PR.com)-- The recession is officially upon us and officials now report it began in December of 2007. While this is a very real situation it's also a time for opportunity and abundance. During the great depression the businesses that succeeded did so because they knew the value of continuing to grow their businesses regardless of what the masses were doing.

Tom Buford, Founder of ChargeWhatYouDeserve.com developed an interview series with some of the world’s top marketers to find out what's made them so successful. The bottom line is setting fees that support business success. Recently Adam Urbanski sought out Buford’s expertise on fee setting strategies inviting Buford to present at Urbanski’s Attract Clients Like Crazy Boot Camp in Irvine, California.

“I hand-selected Tom Buford as a presenter at my 2008 Attract Clients Like Crazy Boot Camp because he is one of my most successful students. Tom regularly utilizes and implements my teachings to take his businesses to new heights. Plus, he’s created a timely, thought-provoking and valuable program that other service professionals will benefit from. I wasn't let down. Tom delivered impacting and actionable material in his "Charge What You Deserve Fee-Setting and Mindset Makeover" presentation. He really engaged the audience and let his expertise shine. I highly recommend Tom’s products and services. His expertise helps people charge what they deserve and that in itself is invaluable.” states Adam Urbanski.

Buford shared his “Charge What You Deserve Fee-Setting and Mindset Makeover” presentation with attendees who discovered:

● 4 Reasons service professionals undercharge for valuable services
● 3 Critical reasons they should be charging more and why their low fees are jeopardizing their clients’ results
● 8 Action Steps to begin charging what they deserve

Buford maintains a positive attitude during a time when the media has sensationalized the misfortune of our economic structure. Buford says "I want to give professionals the tools to set fees that support success regardless of what’s happening with our current economy. When I earned my coaching certification I had no guidance for setting my fees and recognized a real need. Often businesses emulate fees of other service professionals without the knowledge of whether or not they are following a successful business model. Because 95% of small business fail within 5-7 years it’s important to choose your fee structure wisely and pave your own way to success. That’s exactly what I help people do."

About: Tom Buford, founder of Charge What You Deserve, is an author, coach, consultant and speaker. He shares marketing and fee-setting strategies with service professionals so that they begin to charge what they deserve and enjoy the businesses that they’ve been dreaming of. Using his techniques, Tom’s clients have been able to double their fees and attract more clients than ever before. Tom is the author of two home study programs: “From Lazy to Loaded: Business Success Blueprint for Coaches and Consultants” and “Charge What You Deserve: the Ultimate Fee-Setting Blueprint for Service Professionals”, both available at http://chargewhatyoudeserve.com

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