Santa Grants Soldiers Wishes from Iraq

Tacoma, WA, December 17, 2008 --( Source: Wishy, Inc

Who: Wishy, Inc.

What: Santa Grants Soldier Wishes From Iraq


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Santa Grants Soldiers Wishes From Iraq

Social Networking Company Helps Families Have A Happy Holiday.

Soldiers serving in Iraq do not have the luxury of going to the mall to shop for that special gift from their children and spouses holiday wish lists. But thanks to an innovative idea from Wishy, Inc. called Soldier Wish ( the holiday wishes of our men and women in uniform are coming true. The unique Wish granting platform launched by WishyWishy, Inc. allows soldiers to make wishes for themselves and families members. After wishes are made generous Americans purchase these wishes expressing support and thankfulness for our serving men and women in uniform serving in global locations.

“We’re excited and honored to offer this opportunity to the American public to say ‘thank you’ to the troops,” said Jared Still, Director of the Soldier Wish Campaign. “While there are many other worthy programs, the Soldier Wish Campaign is enabling the men and women of our armed forces to select exactly what they and their families need to make their lives a little bit easier. It also allows individuals to know their donations will go to meet specific needs of our men and women in uniform.” Still is a combat veteran and former Air Force officer. Having been decorated with the Bronze Star Medal in Iraq for actions under fire, he knows firsthand the sacrifice our men and women in uniform and their families make every day.

Soldier Wish Campaign, a nonprofit initiative of Wishy, Inc., enables everyday Americans to grant some of our soldier’s wishes this holiday season. Wishy's goal is to allow people to collect Wishes wherever they find them – online, in a store, or from their friends and share them with whomever they choose through social networking platforms. Founded in 2006, Wishy’s Distributed Commerce Platform creates a marriage between social networking sites, mobile devices and e-commerce destinations. The Soldier Wish website is a unique way to showcase the technology where citizens can give back in a safe and secure manner online to our servicemen and women, their families, wounded veterans and families who have lost loved ones in the war.

Federico Pacquing, CEO of Wishy and President of Soldier Wish, is a United States Air Force Academy graduate, a former officer and was a rescue worker in the Oklahoma City bombing. He said, "We are very excited how the American people have responded to the needs and wishes of our serving military. The service they give to all Americans is vitally important. The amazing response from the American people is another way of support and stand beside them in these efforts." Wishy-enabled initiatives will be launching within the quarter. Wish for everything… Please visit their web site at

Make a difference today, and help America’s finest men & women in uniform. Support Solider Wish at and help make a soldier’s wish come true.

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