Past Corporate Executive René De Murard Recently Expanded His Coaching Business

De Murard believes executive coaching has become a necessity in the “high-pressure” corporate world.

Las Vegas, NV, December 18, 2008 --( René de Murard has added the executive coaching certification to his business coaching qualifications.

Based out of his office in Pays de la Loire in France – from where he has been helping the owners of small-to-medium sized businesses thrive and succeed, he will now also be coaching top executives from large corporations develop their leadership skills and build their teams.

“As soon as ActionCOACH introduced the executive coaching program, I decided to join it as I already have an executive as my client and I needed to get more knowledge in the field so I could expand my business and reap the benefits of this diversification.”

Recounting his own corporate experience, De Murard said he started executive coaching as he believes management and HR handle high potential people in a dissatisfactory manner.

“In addition to this, most corporations, today, have reduced their workforce to a minimum – there is no more room for having a mentor inside the corporation,” he said. “In this scenario, outside help in the form of an external Executive Coach is likely to have a much more objective view.”

De Murard believes executive coaching has become a necessity in the “high-pressure” corporate world.

“Most executives are very specialized in one area of the business, and hence, the need for a general approach with a clear vision of what is important for the business - is a key factor for the executive, if they want to be successful in their career,” he said.

De Murard, who has until now been coaching the owners of small-to-medium sized business will need a shift in his approach toward coaching executives in large corporations.

“You are still coaching a person, but the inter-relations between people are more complex in a corporation - and that means the client and the coach have to work at a different level - with stronger emphasis on behavioral traits,” he said.

De Murard has a solid plan as far as marketing his executive coaching services is concerned.

“I will interview CEOs in my area, grow my network and write a whitepaper to gain credibility,” he said. “I will also be using telemarketing as well as propose to do Profiles-XT with a half-day debriefing session.”

De Murard sees huge opportunities in executive coaching in his area.

“There are at least 200 middle-sized companies that are not visited by anybody for executive coaching,” he said. “I foresee getting the ‘ball rolling’ with a few references as a major challenge but as soon as that happens, I also foresee the opportunity to become a better coach.”

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