Sniper Marketing & Amma Release Marketing Trends Report & Integrated Lifestyle Marketing White Paper

Integrated Lifestyle Marketing & Consumer Engagement. Effective marketing in a new era: How Gen X and the Millennials have changed the rules.

Denver, CO, December 19, 2008 --( Sniper Marketing, a leading non-traditional marketing agency and The Amma Group, parent company of Amma Design & Interactive, today released a marketing trends report and white paper on the agencies’ Integrated Lifestyle Marketing practice.

The alignment of Sniper and Amma earlier this year created a one-stop partner for brands and advertising agencies for the full spectrum of street-level, online and mobile Lifestyle Marketing campaign creation and execution. The paper released today discusses the changes in marketing tactics needed to effectively reach today’s consumers, the components of an Integrated Lifestyle Marketing campaign and how the practice helps transform a variety of marketing efforts into ongoing consumer engagement.

“It’s one thing to advertise to a consumer, another to engage them once at a particular intersect point” said Sniper Chief Creative Officer Aaron Gaines “but to build lasting brand affinity or real buzz about a product or brand requires marketing that itself lives in all the mediums where today’s consumers live their lives, always bringing them to the next point of engagement.”

The Integrated Lifestyle Marketing practice developed by Sniper and Amma is built on a principal of constant engagement - experiential marketing driving online activity that feeds mobile engagement, instigating online participation, word of mouth promotion, product discovery, and ultimately, purchasing followed by continued engagement and interaction to build brand loyalty. This circle of consumer engagement is what Sniper and Amma call “Integrated Lifestyle Marketing” or “I.L.M.”

“We found that a number of companies and agencies had strong interactive or street-level promotions, but all too often they had little to do with each other” said Amma CEO Josh Hanfling. “Whether we’re involved in the full campaign or are just executing one component, by working with brands and the agencies we partner with to develop fully integrated campaigns from day one, the effectiveness of each component increases exponentially.”

Every Integrated Lifestyle Marketing campaign is unique and can involve various elements of Non-Traditional such as Street-Level or Experiential, Guerrilla, Interactive tactics including Online or Mobile and tie-ins to traditional media marketing.

The paper released today is available at:

About Sniper Marketing
Sniper Marketing’s principals have been at the cutting-edge of non-traditional marketing for more than fifteen years. Sniper Marketing utilizes both under-the-radar and high-visibility tactics including Street & Mobile Marketing, Promotional Tours, Buzz Building Campaigns, Experiential Marketing, Brand Ambassadors and other non-traditional marketing approaches to connect directly with each client’s target market.

Every Sniper Marketing campaign is designed to increase brand awareness, build excitement, drive attendance, instigate trial or purchase and strengthen brand loyalty. With a national network of Brand Ambassadors and influencers who live, work and play in the local communities where trends are born, we develop campaigns and promotions based on an in-depth understanding of the target audience.

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About The Amma Group
Artists and story-tellers; business analysts and consumer profilers; cutting-edge designers and seasoned business professionals. It’s an unlikely mix for an advertising agency. It’s who makes up the Amma team and it’s that combination that defines The Amma Group approach.

Operating at the intersection of creativity and business savvy, Amma helps clients define their brand, craft their message and deliver it to consumers across the full spectrum of advertising mediums from print to mobile, from the web to the streets and everywhere in between.

Amma’s skills are in delivering our clients’ messages anywhere and everywhere. Amma’s strength as an agency is developing brand identities and campaigns that break through the noise of consumers’ every day lives, engaging them where they work or play and invoking the emotional association with each clients’ brands that creates a lasting impression.

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