An Xtra Good Thing: Sun & Earth Launches Concentrated Dishwashing Liquid

Good for Consumers, Selling Partners, the Industry, and the Environment.

Philadelphia, PA, December 20, 2008 --( Sun & Earth introduces its all new 22 oz Xtra Concentrated Dishwashing Liquid. This innovative product from the veteran natural cleaning products company represents the organization’s latest compacted formulation in its diverse lineup. The value-priced dishwashing liquid is the best-performing, concentrated formula available to consumers today. “Because of its effectiveness and usefulness to consumers, we believe other major brands will reconsider their formulations recognizing that compaction is an eXtra good thing,” said John Mullins, Sun & Earth’s President & CEO.

“We believe that everyone--suppliers through our loyal consumer base, has something to gain from the introduction of Xtra [Concentrated Dishwashing Liquid],” said Mullins. The design of this exciting product allows users to enjoy the benefits of a longer-lasting dishwashing liquid without sacrificing performance, cost, safety, or natural goodness. Selling partners are able to optimize inventory turn rates because of the non-toxic product’s demand while maximizing the shopper’s total experience by offering more options. By promoting compaction, the consumer products industry, as a whole, will lead the way with environmentally-friendly goods that efficiently and effectively utilize materials and resources. Sun & Earth’s Xtra Concentrated Dishwashing Liquid utilizes less overall packaging including a smaller bottle design that is manufactured using less plastic. In addition, its formulation contains less water conserving a precious natural resource. Logistically, carrier efficiencies are improved as less weight is transported per truckload to resale and distribution partners while providing increased product performance results to customers.

About Sun & Earth:
After years of watching and listening to advertisements claiming that petro-chemicals with unpronounceable names were the best way to clean a house, Sun & Earth set out to prove that products using natural ingredients could do the job just as well or even better. After extensive research, our team formulated cleaners made from plant-based, renewable resources. We continue to develop and manufacture natural products for people sensitive to the harsh chemicals found in most brands. With much support from satisfied customers who told their friends and family about us, Sun & Earth is now a leading provider of natural, safe, non-toxic cleaning products.

No Performance Compromise - Their cleaning products work as well as, or better than, national brands at removing grease, dirt, stains, and odors.

Safeguarding Your Family's Health - All of their cleaning products are free of petroleum-based ingredients, chlorine, phosphates, dyes and perfumes which leave behind residues that could be harmful to your family (especially children) and pet's health.

Non-Toxic and Earth-Friendly - They use the latest technology to create cleaning agents from plant, fruit, and vegetable oils that are non-toxic to your family and pets and safe for the environment.

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