Days-on-Sale: Website Lets You Have Its Homepage for a Day aims to sell "days" online by letting visitors have its homepage for a day.

Edinburgh, United Kingdom, December 21, 2008 --(, launched last week, aims to sell “days” online by allowing visitors to have its homepage for a day.

Asim Imtiaz, 23, a computer science student spun out the website in his spare time as a fun experiment that he hope will help him create his version of an Internet Calendar. The website allows visitors to replace the homepage for a day by providing an image and a link to their own website.

“It’s simple, the homepage displays just your image for the entire day and nothing else,” says Asim, “Once the day ends your homepage becomes a part of the Internet Calendar and remains there permanently. Think five years down the road when this site will have the archive of everyone who has owned a day.”

Internet has long been an unpredictable ground for bizarre and quirky ideas. The site lets visitors reserve a day exclusively and replace it with their advertisement, dedication to a cause or even to wish Merry Christmas. Asim believes that his idea is both interesting and at the same time challenging. The growth of the idea seems constrained because of being tied with the number of days in a year. However the developer claims to have more value-added features on hold for the sake of simplicity of the idea which he thinks is pivotal to its initial success.

“The idea has to be simple and provide a real good value to the users. Introducing many options at this stage will add to the complexity of an otherwise simple idea.”

Syed Asim Imtiaz