ActionCOACH Roger Pemberton is Now an Executive Coach in London

Pemberton was attracted by the opportunity of executive coaching.

Las Vegas, NV, December 21, 2008 --( ActionCOACH Roger Pemberton has recently added the executive coaching certification to his already existing business coaching qualifications.

Based in Norfolk, England, where Pemberton has been running his successful business coaching enterprise, he will now also be offering his services to executives in the corporate world.

Prior to starting out as a Business Coach with ActionCOACH- the leading business coaching firm in the world, Pemberton worked in the corporate world for 27 years.

“As a General Manager in an operations-led business for over ten years, I had the experience of running a multi-functional business team and was known for being an inclusive, positive, decisive leader who got things done,” he said. “Peak performance produces exceptional results. Understanding how to operate at peak performance is what executive coaching can effectively deliver.”

Pemberton believes that many of the entrepreneurial aspects of business coaching can be applied to executive coaching.

“Many of the entrepreneurial aspects of coaching are transferrable. The new tools we have available to us are complementary and supplementary - not replacements,” he said. “An entrepreneurial mind with the broader instincts that come with it will be an asset to any executive.”

Pemberton will be using effective marketing strategies to penetrate this niche market.

“I am looking to write a White Paper on strategic clarity,” he said. “I see executive coaching as being a longer lead time sales strategy and will build it into my default diary in January next year. I will also have some telemarketing available to me from this time so I can concentrate on marketing, selling and delivering executive coaching from that point.”

Pemberton sees enormous opportunities in this field in his local area.

“There are a number of financial and manufacturing businesses in Norfolk, which will benefit from me being their Executive Coach,” he said. “I am also within commutable distance of London and so could work with representatives of larger businesses there.”

As the established leader in the category, Pemberton feels ActionCOACH can build on its current number one position to also gain prominence in executive coaching.

“This is a much more attractive opportunity and I’m looking forward to the challenge,” he said.

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