Cassbeth Sends Author of Sustainable Development Possible with Creative System Engineering to Technical Meeting on How to Measure IT Value

Cherry Hill, NJ, December 24, 2008 --( Cassbeth sends author of Sustainable Development Possible with Creative System Engineering to a technical meeting where a presentation was given on how to measure value of Information Technology (IT). The presentation included traditional financial measures of value and a few non-financial measures of value unique to IT. A local SPIN chapter organized the meeting. At the end of the meeting the author asked the following two questions and mentioned he did not expect an answer.

The first question was: "What is it that possessed my parents to build roads into the middle of no where and did they know that 30-40 years later there would be cities around those roads." The second question was: "What was driving my grand parents when they built the Benjamin Franklin bridge linking Philadelphia to South Jersey farm country in the 1920's on such a grand scale that it supports us in this new century."

Needless to say these questions raised a great stir in the audience and the presenter tried to address it from the perspective of innovation. He asked the audience how innovation could be measured and someone in the audience mentioned you could measure innovation in an organization by the number of failed projects. If there are no failed projects there is no innovation in the organization. The author thanked everyone and gave away a free copy of his book.

The book offers a plan for projects that will be performed in the next 100 years. The core of the plan includes practicing system engineering. The book also includes a paper requested by President Roosevelt in 1944 on what we should do after the war. This famous paper called Science the Endless Frontier gave birth to the National Science Foundation and the book suggests that it set policy in the USA after WW II, which yielded our modern world. The book suggests this paper be used as a guide when framing our energy, climate, and sustainability policies in this new century.

About The Author:
Walt has held various government, defense, and commercial high technology positions in the past 30 years. He has published and presented at several technical conferences. Starting from New Jersey, going to California, then Florida, and returning back to New Jersey Walt has a very broad and deep understanding of the state of engineering and technology in the United States. He has taken this experience and digested it into his new book "Sustainable Development Possible with Creative System Engineering" in hopes of providing an effective road map for people engaged in building everything in the next 100 years.

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Cassbeth is a technology company offering software and system engineering products originating from its Internet E-Commerce experiments that started in 1997 and over 30 years experience in Aerospace and Education. It is also the publisher of "Sustainable Development Possible with Creative System Engineering".

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The Philadelphia SPIN is an non-profit organization of Software community professionals, under the sponsorship of the Philadelphia Section, ASQ, and the SEI, formed to provide a free and open exchange of information, concepts and experiences in the area of software quality.

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