New Site Offers Homeowners a Clearinghouse of Green Remodeling Information

Des Plaines, IL, December 25, 2008 --( The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI), announces the launch of a new website dedicated to green remodeling, is designed to be a clearinghouse of information on green remodeling for both homeowners and trades people. Since the development of fits education programs, NARI has collected a library of information on green remodeling. The need to share this information with homeowners became apparent through the many inquires about green remodeling that have come into NARI Headquarters.

“Amassing all of the green remodeling knowledge we've collected over the past several years and making it available to everyone online was an enormous endeavor," said NARI President Renée Rewiski.

What is Green Remodeling?
It’s an all-encompassing approach that emphasizes making a home healthy, comfortable, and efficient. Included are issues like indoor air quality, energy conservation, resource conservation, reduced material waste, and the use of products that are better for the environment (and for people).

Why go green in a remodel?
It’s easier on the earth, it lowers costs, and it provides a healthier home in which to live. According to the Sustainable Building Industry Council (SBIC), housing alone consumes 20% of America’s energy. Homeowners who choose to remodel green can lower their energy consumption by 30-50%. It’s widely agreed that forests produce 40% of Earth's oxygen, and that building supplies use 25% of its forests. Remodeling green by incorporating recycled materials or sustainable species will help homeowners to tread more lightly on Earth’s natural resources.

Green remodeling has increased in popularity as homeowners consider health issues, skyrocketing energy costs and Earth’s natural resources. More than 15 million Americans are estimated to have asthma, including one-in-13 school-age children, and more than 28 million Americans suffer from hay fever and other allergies, all of which are aggravated by poor indoor air quality.

Overall green remodeling proves to be very beneficial for homeowners. It:

• Reduces operating costs in the home by increasing efficiency
• Conserves natural resources
• Increases the value of the home
• Improves indoor air quality and in turn, overall health
• Reduces waste
• Reduces emissions costs
• Increases productivity of occupants
• Improves quality of life details many ways to implement green into the home including:

• Non-toxic paints and sealants
• Programmable thermostats
• Energy efficient appliances
• Natural flooring
• Local building materials
• Natural fiber rugs and fabrics
• Recycled material roof shingles and tiles
• Energy efficient lighting
• Insulated hot water pipes
• Tankless water heaters
• Quality insulation
• Native plants for landscaping

NARI is a professional association whose members voluntarily subscribe to a strict code of ethics. Consumers may wish to search for remodelers certified as a Green Certified Professional (GCP) or to find a qualified remodeling professional who is a member of NARI.

Consumers can also call the NARI National hotline at 800-611-NARI and request a free copy of NARI’s brochure, “How to Select a Remodeling Professional.”

The new website was designed and built by in Park Ridge, Illinois. The selected vendor was chosen for its vast expertise and experience with association Web sites, as well as commercial sites demonstrating heavy consumer traffic.

National Association of the Remodeling Industry
Nikki Golden