Bahiyah Shabazz "Stillwaters" Challenge Readers

Bahiyah Shabazz inspire others to have self empowerment. Shabazz encourages her audience to uphold the strengths without concealing the weaknessess.

Indianapolis, IN, December 25, 2008 --( Bahiyah Shabazz, prolific writer and motivational speaker, writes a novel that allows readers to recognize their capabilities.

“To succeed, we must first believe we can,” Bahiyah Shabazz, a well-known motivational speaker, says with each speech.

Shabazz discusses her latest book, Stillwaters, which directs readers to find their self-empowerment.

Stillwaters focuses on an independent woman who identifies her strengths and what it takes to move on with her life. She finds that the traits identified are possessed by others if they are willing to search. The book is intended for young professions, college students, and Generation X & Y.

The transition to Shabazz’s unique approach allows others to address their emotions to succeed in all aspects of life. Lack of identifying emotions is affected by one’s successes in relationships, finances and workplace. Majority still think concealing inabilities will help them succeed.

In fact, Shabazz will launch a tour to discuss how to find your Stillwaters .She will talk to professionals and college students who are embarking on a financial and career path lacking strengths and masking weaknesses.

Bahiyah noticed years ago that people lacked taking control of their lives. This resulted in making excuses for their behavior and finances. She began to collect data from individuals to poll one’s decisions about daily living.

She was drawn to the results about how much people used excuses about the lack of control possessed. Shabazz collected the results to discuss in workshops to inspire others to succeed.

The second book Finances are linked to emotions (schedule for release February 2009) educates others about financial settings as well as self-reliance. The book gives you the tools to eradicate debt. However, more importantly you need to identify the emotions revealed in order not to have a repetitive behavior towards liability.

Bahiyah Shabazz is the CEO of Shabazz Management Group, LLC. She is a personal management consultant and motivational speaker. She holds a B.A. in Psychology and Minority Studies and M.B.A. concentrating in Finance. For many years, she has worked in the financial industry.


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