Cute Baby Shoes Reveals Its New Infant Baby Shoes and Infant Crib Shoe

Taking care of infant baby feet is a priority for parents, and the right crib shoe is an important choice in order to promote proper development. Cute Baby Shoes has announced that they now provide beautiful designer infant baby shoes and infant crib shoes that are available online.

Harrison Township, MI, December 27, 2008 --( Quality infant baby shoes are very important, especially because the feet of babies are developing and need protection; however, it is often difficult to find quality baby shoes. In answer to that problem, has just announced that they are offering new designer infant baby shoes and infant crib shoes online.

Both pediatricians and parents alike agree that soft soled shoes are the best choice for infant babies who have feet that need protection and comfort as they develop. For this reason, the company Cute Baby Shoes was started to provide options in a closely dominated market of soft soled infant crib shoes. At the start, this company took a close look at numerous designs and styles to come up with the best shoes available for an infant baby's sensitive feet.

The shoes that are offered by this company are designed with soles that are soft and padded. Although other companies offer soft soled infant baby shoes, they do not pad the soles to offer protection and warmth for delicate infant baby feet. These shoes are made with soft leather and also have a layer of cotton to line the shoes, keeping any dyes from touching the feet of the baby.

While the shoes feature many safety features, such as a non slip bottom, they also look wonderful as well, coming in a variety of designer styles for baby boys, girls, and toddlers as well. Sensible solids can be purchased, sandal style shoes, princess shoes, designer boots and even sports themed soft soled shoes for the baby sports fan. Many sizes are available as well, from newborn shoes to shoes for older toddlers.

"At Cute Baby Shoes, the comfort, development, and protection of your baby's feet is more than a priority - it's our pledge," said Ray Blake, co-owner of the company. He went on to say, "Dedicated to the design and development of soft baby shoes for babies and toddlers, we've made it our mission to provide the best baby shoes in the industry."

There are many boutiques that are beginning to carry Cute Baby Shoes all across the world. In California they can be found at Exceptional Gear for you and your Baby, in Connecticut they can be found at Baby & Co Boutique, in New York they can be found at The Changing Pad, in Michigan they can be found at Peek-A-Bootique, Titzy’s, Art-O-Craft, The Ruby Closet, Shoe Strings, and Connies Children Shop to name a few in the United States. Also, they can be found in other countries, such as Canada, Australia, Great Britain, Croatia, Norway, Italy, and even Japan.

To learn more about Cute Baby Shoes infant baby shoes and infant crib shoe, visit for more information.

Ray Blake