Shakeeta Winfrey, Dominates the Cover of a New Upscale Magazine FOR 2009

Shakeeta Winfrey, the new "Socialite" on the scene will make headway in the entertainment industry for 2009. From overcoming adversity such as poverty, depression, and single parenthood, she has refuse to give up and is still fighting. She will dominate this market this year as she inspires others to do as well.

Chicago, IL, December 27, 2008 --( Inspirationalist Shakeeta Winfrey Offers Effective Strategies for Hope Through her Second Literary Work, Release as well as her third novel, The Winfrey Mess, both due to come out in March 2009.

Book explores real-life situations that can ultimately be overcome.

When the pressures of life continually weigh you down, it’s easy to reach a resolve of throwing in the towel. In the midst of it all, some ask the question, “What’s the use,” as they are faced with one challenge after another, despite their efforts to realize a change., Shakeeta Winfrey knows firsthand just how frustrating it can be to experience the woes of life. The reality of it all can manifest in the personification of poverty, drug and alcohol use, even suicidal thoughts. Winfrey takes a bold step in addressing the resulting ills of life in her second literary work, Release: Five Essential Keys to Unlocking the Power Within.

“Release will be a tremendous help to many people, particularly women,” and I want people to know, I am not perfect either, states Winfrey. “Many times people have problems, and when they recur, it’s so much easier to walk away from it all without really identifying the root of the problem and then dealing with it. Release allows the reader to do just that,” she adds. The five steps to “releasing” are: (1) Review – Take a close look at your life, (2) Recognize – Acknowledge that you have missed the mark, (3) Reject and Remove – Call those wrong things out and them cut them away, (4) Renew – Give yourself new surroundings, a new way of thinking and (5) Release – Now you are free; now you can live.

Not only does Release offer the five essential keys to unlocking the power within, but each key comes with realistic and practical examples that allow the reader to make clear assessments. The book also offers space for the reader to journal their thoughts on what has been shared in each chapter through a series of thought-provoking questions.

Release comes fresh off the heels of Winfrey’s first project, The Other Winfrey, where she expressed her experiences of what life has been like for her. In "Release, she proceeds to further share in her life experiences, which include drug and alcohol use, promiscuity, exotic dancing and suicidal thoughts. Despite facing these obstacles, Winfrey has risen above her circumstances and emerged as a diamond in the rough. She is now an educated and successful entrepreneur, and she shares the lessons learned with others on their quest to find success.

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