Linkman Smoking Cessation Device Launches Redesigned Web Site

LinkmanĀ® patented smoking cessation devices launches redesigned website, Linkman is a permission-based smoking cessation device that addresses nicotine addiction, emotional and behavioral associations.

Raleigh, NC, January 01, 2009 --( Linkman® today announced the launch of their redesigned Web site The redesigned web site is intended to be more user friendly, informative and to feature the experiences and accomplishments of customers who have quit smoking using Linkman.

Linkman is a permission-based smoking cessation device that gently weans you off cigarettes - naturally - without prescription drugs or over-the-counter nicotine replacement products like the patch, gum or lozenges. Plus, over time, Linkman guides users into “taking ownership of this process” by breaking both the emotional and behavioral associations they have with smoking.

Linkman is a small cylinder-shaped device that’s 3/8” x 2 ¼”, with a light on one end and a eye-hook on the other end, so it will fit perfectly on a keychain or lanyard. Linkman is made in the USA; fabricated from heavy gauge aluminum and is embedded with a microcomputer chip. Each time the user requests permission to smoke, Linkman uses that information to determine their “smoking needs” timing. The speed at which Linkman will wean users off cigarettes is up to the individual and their goals for quitting. Linkman offers quit plans in one, three or six months.

About Linkman, Inc:
Headquartered in North Carolina, Linkman smoking cessation device was created by Brady Development, Inc. and patented in 2006. Linkman has helped numerous customers quit smoking through their patented permission-based device that addresses cigarette smoking on three levels; physical addiction, emotional associations and behavior patterns. To learn more visit or call 877-878-LINK.


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