Law Firms Drive Growth with Quantitative Marketing

Law firms can now use a new survey tool to determine marketing engagement levels throughout their organization and identify alignment opportunities across their marketing plans, their employees’ value perceptions, and their client experience.

New York, NY, December 31, 2008 --( Bagia & Associates, a leading Philadelphia immigration law office, recently completed testing an innovative new survey designed to benchmark marketing engagement across its employees.

The marketing engagement survey, designed by the New York-based Customer Research Center (CRC), analyzes alignment between marketing strategies, employee perceptions of value delivery, and the client experience. Bagia & Associates developed a three-year growth strategy, based on the engagement survey, which will allow them to support strategic investments in their expanding market.

Jay Bagia, founder of Bagia & Associates, noted, "We’ve always been innovative in our approach to marketing our immigration services, but the analytical work by the Customer Research Center allows us to reach an entirely new level." The CRC marketing engagement approach includes a linear programming module that helps law firms to choose the greatest economic return across many different marketing channels.

"Law firms have many marketing options to choose from, but often lack the data required to make informed trade-off choices," said Steven Grant, CRC Managing Partner. Mr. Grant says his firm recently started working with law firms on marketing strategies. "We’ve done a lot of innovative work with wealth management companies and independent insurance agents, but this is our first foray into the legal field. We’ve found our optimization algorithms can spur a fundamental reallocation of marketing investments that drives incremental revenue growth."

The marketing engagement survey instrument is typically completed by everyone, in firms with less than 25 people, and by a statistically valid percentage of the organization for larger companies. The engagement survey covers brand identify, brand coherence, employee perceptions, and the current level of employee engagement in supporting the firm’s marketing efforts. The marketing engagement survey is completed along with a client experience survey so that both the marketing promise and the firm’s actual service to clients can be closely aligned.

The Customer Research Center, with offices in New York, Philadelphia, Stamford, and New Jersey focuses on sales process optimization studies. For additional information on client experience strategies and sales process optimization please contact: Yvonne Brooks, Director, Public Relations, Customer Research Center or visit the CRC website at Contact Ms. Brooks by phone (917) 568-3688 or email:

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