Figgy Goes to New York

Figaro’s Pizza Launches New New York Style Pizza.

Salem, OR, December 31, 2008 --( Ever had a slice of authentic New York pizza? A slice that’s so big that you have to fold it in half to contain its delicious contents? If not, that day could come sooner than expected when Figaro’s Pizza debuts its newest menu offering – New York Style Pizza – on January 1st.

According to Dave Schy, a renowned chef and Figaro’s director of new concepts and product development, company officials spent nearly a year trying to create the pizza they had in mind but feel their final product is a true homage to the New York-style pizza loved by people the world over.

“Every region of the country has its own signature pizza and we wanted to introduce Figaro’s customers to one of these unique tastes,” said Schy. “The pieces are larger than average – one-sixth of a pie – and are drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and sprinkled with oregano, Italian seasoning and Parmesan-Romano cheese to give some spice and kick. Though the New York Style Pizza is totally different than anything else on the Figaro’s menu, test audiences have responded quite positively; in fact, we had one individual drive over 40 miles to sample it and said it was well worth the trip!”

Ron Berger, Figaro’s chairman and Chief Executive Officer, concurs with Schy’s assessment. “The feedback we’ve received is better than we ever could have imagined; I’ve even had native New Yorkers tell me that our New York Style Pizza is just as good if not better than the pizza they get at home! We worked very hard to make this product perfect and now we’re excited to introduce our unique version of New York Style Pizza to our loyal customers.”

Founded in 1981, Salem, Oregon-based Figaro’s Pizza has been recognized as “the best pizza you can have at home.” Pizzas can be baked in the restaurant or taken home in oven-ready baking trays for home baking. Pizza is also sold by the slice in some stores. There are 4,000 topping combinations to choose from. Dependent upon location, other menu items may include lasagna, sandwiches, calzones, salads and soft drinks. Now headed by chairman and Chief Executive Officer Ron Berger, Figaro’s Pizza has grown to nearly 100 locations and the company expects to open 15 to 20 new units per year over the next several years. The company is focusing on building mass in its current markets using a network of master franchisees.

Figaro's Pizza
Megan Downey