Used Ergonomic Task Chairs from The Furniture Source Increase Worker Productivity Without Increasing Office Budgets

Findings of recent study indicate 18% increase worker productivity after introduction of ergonomic chairs.

Eden Prairie, MN, December 31, 2008 --( – The Furniture Source, provider of new and used office furniture in Minneapolis, MN, is helping to ensure Twin Cities based offices experience the benefits of ergonomic office furniture, without encountering higher costs, via its offering of used ergonomic task chairs.

Recent findings by the consulting firm, Health and Work Outcomes, point to an 18% increase in overall worker productivity after the introduction of ergonomic task chairs into their work environment.

Workers surveyed in this study reported far lower levels of pain, discomfort and eventual absenteeism than that of workers surveyed who were still operating in traditional office seating. Correspondingly, the level of customer satisfaction rose by an exponential 79% as these same employees reported much higher levels of work satisfaction and much lower levels of eventual absenteeism.

“The findings of the consultants at Health and Work Outcomes are in line with the feedback we hear from our own clients after we help them make the move towards ergonomic seating,” states Dan Sheehan,The Furniture Source’s president and founder. “Most, however, are a bit concerned that with the added benefit, will come added cost.”

Used ergonomic task chairs by The Furniture Source ensure the pricey side effect common to office ergonomics is diminished. Like each piece offered in their suite of used office furniture, The Furniture Source’s selection of used ergonomic chairs come not only beautifully refurbished, but priced at about a fraction of the cost of new seating.

“What we strive to do is take care of our customers in every way possible, whether that means protecting their bodies or protecting their budgets,” continues Sheehan. “With our selection of used ergonomic task chairs, we are playing in our favorite arena as we are able to do both.”

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The Furniture Source is a provider of new and used office furniture in Minneapolis, MN. Supplying new office furniture, alongside beautifully refurbished pieces such as cubicles and workstations, ergonomic task chairs, and private office furniture, complete with services ranging from interior design to space planning, The Furniture Source offers a unique commitment to their client’s office cultures and landscape. The Furniture Source can be contacted via their website at

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