Liz Mitten Ryan and Victoria Havercroft Discuss Life Changing Adventures

Two outstanding women are now available for articles and interviews concerning life changing adventures, animal communication, horse-human bonds, transforming consciousness and following one's true path.

Kamloops, B.C., Canada, January 05, 2009 --( Liz Mitten Ryan, world-renowned Author, Artist and Animal Communicator, is thrilled to announce her collaboration with Victoria Havercroft, Energy Healer and Facilitator, to discuss Life Changing Adventures. These outstanding women are now available for articles and interviews concerning intuition, animal communication, transforming consciousness, personal psychic development and following one’s true path.

At the 300-acre Gateway 2 Ranch, Liz and her herd of horse healers and teachers guide those seeking connection to the All, a connection that uncovers each individual's unique gifts and helps realize their heart's desires. Liz and the animals have co-authored 4 award-winning books clearly channeled from their higher consciousness. Due to the popularity of the books, the ranch has attracted a series of International visitors, all of whom have had life changing adventures. Victoria Havercroft, the latest to arrive, shows up at the barn daily with a new story of her ever-growing connection to the animals and the land. Victoria is now living at the ranch and facilitating healing retreats there. Resources continue to flood into her life as she walks the land of Gateway 2, feeling its energy heal and guide her.

Victoria is eager to join Liz in describing how these exciting adventures create permanent life changes.

Horses are everywhere recently, inspiring a new understanding of their gifts as wise teachers and healers. Natural Horsemanship, Equine Assisted Therapy and Therapeutic Riding are just the very beginnings of the Horse/Human communication. Within the next decade animals will be considered in a new light, as spiritual equals with rights and freedoms, and important gifts to contribute to the survival of our planet.

Liz and Victoria are here to tell you more about their incredible journey into a breathtaking new consciousness and how others can share their path.

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Liz Mitten Ryan - One with the Herd
Carol Upton