Increasing Number of Off-Road Enthusiasts Gain Information Online as Website is Improved

An increasing number of off road enthusiasts are looking to the internet for off road information. In response Tork Media, Inc. has improved information flow to this group.

McKinney, TX, January 02, 2009 --( An increasing number of off road enthusiasts are looking to Tork Media, Inc. for off road information. In response the company has redesigned its Off-Road Magazine website to improve information flow to this group.

Recognized as one of the leading off-road magazines, has served for eleven years as a resource for pertinent off-road information. Including product and vehicle reviews. As well, the publication serves as an entertainment source for off-road enthusiasts.

To better inform and engage readers, the website has been fully redesigned to incorporate a new interface look and feel, as well as new content and features. This includes an increased amount of informative articles, a do-it-yourself technical section, tool reviews, the largest known off road club database with integrated satellite mapping technology, as well as contests with money prizes.

Rick Webster, Editor of explains: “We decided, right out of the gate, that we wanted to build an entirely new web site – not just a facelift to our old web site. We also knew that as a respected, leading magazine in the industry that we needed to invest heavily in the right technology foremost for our readers, and secondarily for ourselves. The result is a completely new web site that is feature rich, provides compelling articles and reviews, and offers more to do for our readers.”

The new website uses state-of-the-art technology to allow information to be added to the site more quickly and efficiently. The new website utilizes technologies including Microsoft ASP.NET, SQL Server 2008, and DotNetNuke.

Says Webster: “We knew we would need the help of the industry's best technology providers. R2integrated and PowerDNN were at the top of a very short list, and they came through in a big way. R2integrated provided the top-shelf software development we needed, and PowerDNN provides world-class, scalable web hosting services. Combined, these companies provided exactly what we needed and more – top-shelf service and high-quality product to support our growing magazine.”

“The all-new Off-Road Magazine web site utilizes leading edge technology that allows us to get content to the site much more quickly and efficiently, without jeopardizing article quality, or our editorial process.” Rick concludes.

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Tork Media, Inc. was founded in 2006 to function as a holding company for, which was established in 1997. The company specializes in testing and reviewing off-road products and vehicles, as well as bringing the most current off-road industry coverage to enthusiasts via the Internet. is known as a one of the most respected names in the industry, and has a large and diverse demographic base. The company provides expertise by leveraging the vast off-road knowledge of their editorial staff and other industry experts. Tork Media, Inc. uses tactics including informative articles, vehicle and product reviews, event coverage and contests to attract and engage readers. Drawing a large and highly targeted off-road enthusiast audience allows the company to provide advertisers with an effective venue to reach this captive audience. For more information, please visit

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