De Dietrich Flurish in a Struggling Market

Despite the difficult finincial times, De Dietrich appliances continue to be popular and grow sales in the UK Market. Whilst other luxury kitchen appliance brands are having a hard time, De Dietrich's low UK overheads see them in good stead, which is great news for one retailer based in Sheffield, Internet Kitchen Appliances.

Sheffield, United Kingdom, January 04, 2009 --( Despite many retailers and manufacturers suffering during the current credit crisis, there are still a handful of bespoke high specification appliace brands that continue to succeed.

Sheffield based retailer Internet Kitchen Appliances (IKA) have continued build on their relationship with this well known brand, and are enjoying sales success as a direct result of the premium specification and excellent build quality of De Dietrich.

Braeg Heneffe, general manager of IKA, made it clear that the strong history and advanced technology that De Dietrich have behind them is the key to their strength: "The main reasons why De Dietrich are moving forward in hard times, are the continued increase of the public confidence in the previously infamous name De Dietrich, and also the quality and performance of the products".

He added: "De Dietrich prides itself on its innovation and design and has been one of the front runners in incorporating modern technology throughout the last century and up to the present day. Because of this, De Dietrich have produced a few firsts in the domestic appliance world. For example, in the 1980s the company produced the first ever multi- function oven (fan cooking and combined heat). De Dietrich introduced the world to the joys of a pyrolytic cleaning oven in 1982. Other firsts from the company include ceramic hobs with integrated knobs, 'Cool Touch' doors for ovens, touch controls for ovens, ICS technology for cooking and dishwashing, pedestal frame for glass surface cooking, gas hobs with touch controls, Turn and Press microwave combination control and the list goes on".

De Dietrich, part of the Spanish Mondragon coorporation, are expected to announce that the business continues to grow in the UK market during 2009. This is partly due to the lower overheads and the fact they hold no 'non-allocated' stock in the United Kingdom. This just-in-time model keeps the potential threat to the business cash flow at a minimum.

Braeg Heneffe
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