Duke Student Creates New Health and Fitness Website

Durham, NC, January 04, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Individuals of all ages face the constant challenge of caring for their bodies and maintaining physical health. With more people constantly on the go, it can be hard to eat properly and find time to exercise. Many health and fitness websites and experts recommend very difficult training programs in order to improve one’s condition, but these demands are often unrealistic. As a college student at Duke University, Andrew must balance his studies and social life while still improving and maintaining his physical fitness, and now he is willing to share his fitness tips and techniques with everyone.

It began as a college project and evolved into a hobby, small business and informative guide. Andrew launched a health and fitness website as a way to offer free information for individuals determined to get fit and stay fit. He chose the catchy and relevant domain name www.smokin-body-fitness.com to deliver his valuable tips.

Of course, there are several other health and fitness websites on the web, but too many of them are simply trying to sell a product rather than offer value to its visitors. Also, the typical fitness site only describes one way to go about training without recognizing the variety of needs and goals individuals possess. At Smokin’ Body Fitness, Andrew strives to offer information that can be catered to each visitors particular demands.

When asked about his goal for the site, Andrew replied “my goal is to help aspiring exercisers of all experience levels find their motivation to workout, and to provide them with the necessary information to make progress.”

Smokin’ Body Fitness has a specific agenda for the next few months to provide valuable content. Over this time period, the focus will be delivering step-by-step instructions for a variety of weight lifting exercises. Eventually, the site will offer a variety of workout routines and nutrition information, so visitors will be able to create a well-rounded fitness plan for themselves.

The site is a work in progress constantly being updated with new fitness tips and information. Check out the site, read a few articles, and build a Smokin’ Body for yourself.

Smokin' Body Fitness
Andrew Pelisek