Artificial Insemination at Home as an IVF Treatment Option is More Popular Than Ever Before

Couples are now turning to self insemination more than ever before because it is a much cheaper and easier option than IVF treatment. Home insemination or self insemination can help with many unexplained infertility issues, and couples are now realising how easy it is to perform AI at home using their partner or a sperm donor.

Liverpool, United Kingdom, January 06, 2009 --( Bridget started her website in April 2007 after spending a long time trying to find the equipment necessary to perform home insemination herself.

She purchased the products in bulk, used some herself, successfully got pregnant and the website is continuing to help couples get pregnant all over the world.

Every month purchases on the website are increasing by 20% showing a rise in how many couples are looking for alternatives to IVF treatment.

Issues including impotence, premature ejaculation and hostile cervical mucus are reasons why couples could use home insemination instead of turning to a costly IVF treatment.

If the male has functioning sperm and the female regular release of eggs then home insemination can provide high successful results. For single women and lesbian couples home insemination is also very successful and popular.

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