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Demand is High for CSOs in Large Enterprises Reports Janco in its June 2006 Salary Survey

Park City, CT, June 19, 2006 --(PR.com)-- Janco has found that the demand for selected positions within the IT function is high. Victor Janulaitis, the CEO of Janco said, “We have found that in larger IT enterprises (those with $500MM or more in revenues) the demand and hiring is high for VP-Security (CSO), Manager Voice and Data Communication, Production Control Specialists, and Production Control Analysts. Janulaitis added, “In mid-sized enterprises (those with $100MM to $500MM in revenues) VP - Administration, VP - Technical Services, Manager - Quality Control, Manager - Technical Services, Change Control Supervisor, Data Security Administrator, Director - Systems & Programming, Forms and Graphics Designer, Hardware Installations Coordinator, and Web Analyst are in high demand.”

The results of Janco's June 2006 IT Salary Survey shows the mean compensation (which includes bonuses) for executive IT positions surveyed now is $140,525 in large enterprises and $126,437 in mid-sized enterprises. (Large enterprises have over $500 million in revenue and mid-sized are between $100 to $499 million in revenue). At the same time 87% of IT professionals have some form of company paid health insurance. Other benefits that these same individuals receive are: life insurance (75%), 401K (68%), disability insurance - beyond mandated requirements (63%), flexible hours and/or schedule (61%), personal performance bonus (53%), and trips for planning and training (42%). A summary of the survey can be downloaded from http://www.e-janco.com/salary.htm.

Victor Janulaitis the CEO of Janco said, "There are a core set of benefits that are required by enterprises of all sizes to attract and retain IT professionals. This includes firms that provide IT professionals on a contracting basis need to provide these benefits." He added, "... with the rise in heath care insurance costs employees of all firms are required to share more of the cost but elimination of health insurance is not an option."

The June 2006 IT Salary Survey also found that enterprise based performance bonuses were limited to executive IT management with only 42% qualifying. Stock options, which at the top of the dot com boom were the one "must have" benefit, now are available to 45% of the IT professionals.

The Janco and IT Productivity Center web sites are information portals for business executives who manage the Information Technology function. Mr. Janulaitis said, “These portals provide Information Technology management productivity tools to executives and IT professionals. The portal has templates and reports covering Sarbanes-Oxley to Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) and Disaster Recovery Planning.”

Janco Associates, in addition to its consulting practice, maintains several other web portals including http://www.e-janco.com, http://www.itproductivity.org, and http://www.it-toolkits.com.

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