True Femme Launches Site and Show

The creators of the True Femme concept and brand are launching a radio show and website this month. Details are enclosed.

Los Angeles, CA, January 08, 2009 --( True Femme & Uncorked Launch.

Kadi Prescott and Danielle Hayes launch “True Femme” website and “Uncorked” radio show, addressing all women’s issues with absolute candor and a healthy dose of humor.

“True Femme”

“Danielle and Kadi: Uncorked”

About The Creators:

Danielle Hayes, co-founder of True Femme and co-host of Uncorked, is a leading authority in the western fashion industry, uses her profound knowledge of fashion and farm life to create a niche for the glamorous side of western living. She uses blogging and networking to reach the far corners of the earth with her contagious style. Author of, and http://www.Haute, Danielle is a woman with a vision and a message for the world, “Western Glam” is the next big thing. Danielle has a heart for reaching out to women and making them feel more beautiful and glamorous. She uses her knack for fashion and beauty to assist women in bringing out their hidden divas.

Kadi Prescott, also a True Femme co-founder and Uncorked co-host, lends a unique brand of humor to all that she does. Freelance writer for, author of and mother of seven, Kadi enjoys reaching out to women and helping them realize their potential to be more than just mediocre in their own eyes. She uses raw humor and candor to relate her life experiences as a woman and mother, to her readers. Kadi believes that she was given the gift of writing and communication to use for the greater good of helping others and knows that these new endeavors will do just that.

About The Site & Show

True Femme is dedicated to conveying a message of self love to women from all walks of life. Designed to provide women with insight, support and information, the site is built to be a touchstone for women and teens. Danielle and Kadi bring a raw and real perspective to the issues that women face. The Uncorked radio show will touch on all subjects and the website will compliment it by lending the tools to assist listeners in learning more about the show topics. Special monthly guests include experts in the fields of fitness, wine and beauty. Both venues will aide women in grasping their uniqueness and broadening their knowledge of traditionally taboo topics.

It is time to take back the right to be the goddesses women were born to be. Women have lost a sense of self in the quest to fit the mold that society has poured. The world has dictated what women are supposed to be, supposed to look like and supposed to think. No more. "We are hanging up our aprons and strapping on the stilettos."

For more information or to request sponsorship applications, Clients can contact:

Danielle Hayes: (360) 402-3109
Kadi Prescott: 951-202-2460

Contact: Danielle Hayes
Phone: (360) 402-3109

Ccontact: Kadi Prescott
Phone: (951) 202-2460

“True Femme: Hanging up aprons & strapping on stilettos!”
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Launch date: January 19th, 2009

Radio Show:
“ Danielle and Kadi: Uncorked”
Publicly sinking to new Mer-lows
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Launch Date: January 12th, 2009

True Femme
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