The Slow Decline of Online Shopping

New York, NY, January 10, 2009 --( It is clear that online shopping is turning to Internet research for local shopping. The young start-up Savoot has just launched its new platform to get consumers to find the best information available in the fastest way possible using a flexible and targeted approach.

New studies reveal that more and more people perform a search on the Internet about products, stores and restaurants in their area and then physically go to a local store to shop instead of just purchasing online. presents an interesting solution that tries to solve the dichotomy between local shopping and online shopping.The multi-level search engine, presented by Savoot, works exactly as a Yellow Page directory by providing addresses, comments, and locations of businesses. However, for a more detailed search, the search engine provides a list of products in a specific geographic location with a price comparison approach.

“There are thousands of business directories on the net, but none really gives the consumer what he or she is looking for. We built a hybrid website that mixes the characteristics of various websites for the best and most efficient combination,” Mr.Rossi, the founder, claims. “Existing solutions are inadequate because they provide information that is either too general or specific; instead, we provide both, according to the level of specificity a user wants”.

Savoot addresses mostly small to mid-size businesses, and the high interaction with consumers can lead to interesting results; in particular, its social network structure brings businesses and consumers to a deep integration, allowing the first to upload information in real time and the second to become friends of businesses and have a watch list of their favorites.

“We are confident that the site will work” says Rossi, “ Flyers, TV and radio advertisements are too expensive and lack a target-- the future of the local shopping is on the web, and we hope to be part of it.”

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Savoot LLC
Federico Rossi