Announces Annual Awards for 2008

Awarded by -- The only U.S. non-profit organization founded by and operating on behalf of dog bite victims.

Seattle, WA, January 12, 2009 --( On the 9th day of January, issued its Annual Awards for the year 2008. highlighted just a few people; in the future hopes to highlight many more. The following categories have been named for the year 2008:

-Victims Advocate of the Year: Wendy Blevins, Omaha, Nebraska
-Dog Warden of the Year: Tom Skeldon, Lucas County, Ohio
-Council Member of the Year: Brian Powers, Lakewood, Ohio
-County Judge of the Year: Judge Vernon E. Scoville, Jackson County, Missouri
-Federal Judge of the Year: Judge Wiley Y. Daniel, Denver, Colorado
-Prosecuting Attorney of the Year: David Morse, Livingston County, Michigan
-Internet Advocate of the Year: The Artist Zupf,

Please View the Annual Awards for 2008:

Each person awarded has demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to preventing future victims from being subjected to a violent pit bull type dog attack. Because is a victims group, writing about the Victims Advocate of the Year, Wendy Blevins, was the most difficult part of the 2008 awards. Wendy's story is powerfully awakening and is sure to rattle the deepest part of one's soul. But it is Wendy's role as a victims advocate -- in the wake of her daughter's traumatic injuries, and in the face of ridicule by pit bull special interest groups and owners -- that hopes communities begin to understand the stunning and unmatched courage of a victim. It is this very courage that will alter the "pit bull conversation" forever. invites readers to watch the unforgettable video of Wendy and Charlotte:

Each person awarded will receive a framed certificate from

About is a national dog bite victims group dedicated to reducing serious dog attacks by creating common sense laws. Through our work, we hope to protect both people and pets from future attacks. Our website,, launched in October 2007 and contains a wide collection of data to help policymakers and citizens learn about dangerous dogs. Our research focuses on pit bull type dogs. Due to selective breeding practices that emphasize aggression and tenacity, this class of dogs negatively impacts communities the most. Our website hosts important dog bite studies, U.S. dog bite fatalities and other key bibliographies. In the Legislating Dogs portion of our site, we offer examples of breed-specific laws (state-by-state) and documentation of the constitutionality of these laws. The Victim Realities section provides a glance into the unforgettable stories victims leave behind and much more. operates out of Seattle, Washington and can be contacted via: 206-260-2915 or Research contributions and active website participation stems from individuals that span the United States of America.

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