Investment Banking Opportunities Gone Mobile with VQRT

Investment bank survives on mobile internet research forwarded from smartphones using VQRT email addresses.

North Palm Beach, FL, January 14, 2009 --( With the arrival of the current economic environment, investment-banking businesses are hard-pressed to find advantages if they are going to survive. Gone are the days of sitting back and allowing all the deals to flow into the firms. Gone, also, are the days of coming up with a neat new-fangled investment product that the market is sure to love. Ask all the investment banks that are now gone how well that worked out. What is required now is good old-fashioned research. We are back to a time when bankers need to find where the deals are.

One investment bank has instituted a program to help them find deals. Frost Capital now requires all VPs, Associates, and Analysts to continually conduct research during any down-time the employee has. The bankers are required to use their BlackBerry, iPhone, or other smartphone to read industry related content during the morning train commute, while standing in line at the coffee shop, waiting for the children, or any other slack-time in their day. Any content that could lead to future business is then immediately forwarded to a designated employee aggregator.

To facilitate this, the company has allocated VQRT email addresses to each employee. VQRT offers very short email addresses that are also personalized. The VQRT address is the two initials of the person’s name at

“We needed to make it very easy for each employee to forward relevant research while using a smartphone,” said Frost Capital Managing Director Nicholas Frost. “We found that if the employee needed to enter their regular email address, first name dot second name at Frost’s URL, it wasn’t happening. VQRT solved the problem.”

VQRT provides short email addresses that are personalized. VQRT stands for Very Quick Repeat Type™. VQRT launched website in 2007. VQRT is located at; Telephone: (561) 828-2762; Email: help at

Frost Capital is an investment banking firm. Frost Capital is located at; Telephone: (888) FrostOK; Email: info at

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