LJL Funding Announces Two-Year Annualized Yield of 10.06%

LJL Funding, the manager of the LJL Secured High Yield Income Fund, announces a two-year annualized return of 10.06% as of December 31, 2008. The Fund provides secure, high yield returns through the use of a high equity position trust deed mortgage fund.

San Diego, CA, January 16, 2009 --(PR.com)-- LJL Funding, LLC, the manager of the LJL Secured High Yield Income Fund I, LLC (the "Fund") is pleased to announce that it has returned 10.06% annualized for the past two years. With returns of 10.87% in 2007 and 9.55% in 2008, an investor who invested on day one of the fund would have realized an annualized return of 10.06%. At the end of 2008 the fund took an accounting adjustment and increased its reserve fund by 1%, reducing the total return from 10.5% for the year to 9.55%, while providing the fund with an additional level of safety and security.

The LJL Secured High Yield Income Fund I, LLC is an actively managed mortgage trust deed fund whose investment objective is to provide investors in the Fund with a stable stream of monthly distributions while maximizing long-term total returns. It sources its trust deeds through a wholesale lending channel and currently keeps the newly originated loans under 55% loan to value, which means that it keeps at least 45% protective equity on every transaction funded, based on very conservative valuation methods. Through the use of consistent funding and dollar-cost-averaging, investors in the fund benefit from a portfolio that adjusts with market conditions.

“Of course we would like to keep our yield in the double-digits" states LJL Funding’s President and Fund Manager, Johann deVilliers, “as that is a psychological hurdle for many investors. However, in these turbulent times we believe that maintaining the safety and security of our investor’s funds is paramount. A return of 9.55% in a year that has seen the stock market lose 35% is still a highly impressive feat, and stands as a testament to the strength and resilience of our lending strategies and methods, while validating our firm's unique approach to the mortgage market. It is gratifying to see our business model, defined by careful scrutiny and well thought-out underwriting decisions, performing so well in such a volatile marketplace. In two years, even with heavily declining market prices, we have not incurred any reduction of investor capital while still producing returns that far outperform the market. We deployed our capital prudently and our investors are profiting as a result."

This news release contains forward looking information. Actual future results may differ materially. The risks, uncertainties and other factors that could influence actual results are described in the LJL Secured High Yield Income Fund I, LLC Offering Circular and Operating Agreement and other documents filed with regulatory authorities. For more information visit www.LJLFunding.com or call 888-456-0246.


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