Detailed Pest Control Guides Uploaded Online

Collingwood, Australia, January 17, 2009 --( Many householders shudder with fear at the thought of pests such as ants, spiders, termites, and mice invading their home. Its completely natural to be afraid, but similarly its extremely common to have pests in the home. That's why pest control is such a hot topic, and questions such as "how do I get rid of ants" and "how do I remove mice?" are some of Googles most asked questions. As a consumer champion Service Central has set out to write a series of Pest Control Guides to help homeowners answer their pest control questions and put in place strategies and techniques for controlling pests around their home.

Service Central has developed a series of Pest Control Guides and uploaded them online so that householders can browse and read them for free. The detailed pest control articles include:

Controlling Spiders in your Home
Natural Methods for Controlling Ants
Tips on how to get rid of ants
Termite Prevention prior to Construction
Finding and removing Termites
Preventing termites in your home
Crazy ideas for mice removal without killing the mice

Service Central's aim is to educate consumers and to help them in finding the right pest control solution for their home. The detailed pest control articles are another step towards this mission.

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