Datamatics Management Services, Inc. Offers Staggering Statistics That Show How Vulnerable Employers Are to Wage and Hour Judgments

What You Don't Know About Time and Attendance Could Cost You a Fortune.

Fords, NJ, January 26, 2009 --( Datamatics Management Services, Inc., a leading developer of labor management applications, wants to make you aware of the Department of Labor Statistics stating that employment lawsuits rose over 2000% in the last decade. The average settlement was $200,000; and fines from the Department of Labor for incorrect payments of overtime have amounted to over $1 billion in back pay awards. You have a greater risk of being sued by one of your employees for employment practices than you do for an on-the-job injury.

Clearly, the statistics are staggering. A major reason for the success of employee lawsuits is poor record keeping and the inability to access historical data. If you were hit with a labor legal battle how quickly would you be able to get the necessary data to mount a defense and how accurate would that data be? It is critical not only to maintain, but also have quick access to employee time and attendance records that are crucial to any defense against wage and hour complaints.

Ken Eska of Datamatics Management Services, Inc., a leading developer of labor management applications, states that automating workforce management can help defend against employee lawsuits. “By accurately tracking employee time and attendance and providing instant access to historical data, you will no longer need to spend countless hours searching through thousands of time records manually to find the exact data necessary for your defense”, says Ken.

Many of Datamatics customers decide to automate their labor processes to minimize costs associated with payroll preparation, and increase accuracy and efficiency in computing payroll. Those organizations then derive a measurable return based on their ability to gain timely information for decision making, accurately apply work and schedule rules resulting in more efficient labor cost control. Processing and interpreting comprehensive data on attendance and work distribution is easy with TC-1 powerful reporting engine. With TC-1, companies reduce unauthorized overtime, unearned benefit time, tardiness, etc. Improved performance is established through productivity and recognition, while Managers are able to encourage consistent and unbiased enforcement of work policies.

Datamatics success can be attributed to their many years of expertise in the business and dedication to providing quality support. The beginning stages of their expertise in labor management began as early as 1969 and the software has evolved ever since. The products today are a manifestation of the company’s work to address thousands of clients needs. The company is equipped with a staff of seasoned professionals ready to address the most complex technical issues. Thousands of client installations stand as concrete examples of how Datamatics’ labor management applications continue to be the yardstick by which all others are measured.

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Datamatics Management Services, Inc. is a New Jersey-based software development company that creates applications relative to the management of labor assets -- specifically for employee scheduling, attendance record keeping, benefit tracking, labor allocation and access control. The company's open architecture approach to developing software provides enterprise-wide, integrated solutions that address the many challenges of managing people and business. Datamatics' premier labor management solution, TC-1, is a scalable and flexible application that bridges culture with technology. Datamatics also offers TimesheetPlus, a web-based time and attendance system.

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