Former Pizza Shop Owner and ActionCOACH Client Now an ActionCOACH Business Coach in Australia

Impressed by the results ActionCOACH brought to his own business, Geoff Mutton decided to invest in an ActionCOACH franchise.

Las Vegas, NV, January 21, 2009 --( Master Licensee Stan Jordan has named Geoff Mutton as an ActionCOACH in Sydney, Australia.

His office will be located in East Sydney, which is a fringe suburb of the city of Sydney.

Mutton was introduced to ActionCOACH by his friend who invested in an ActionCOACH franchise in 2003.

He also went through coaching as a business owner and after selling his own business, he decided to join ActionCOACH.

Prior to joining ActionCOACH, Mutton owned and operated a pizza shop specializing in home delivery. Before buying the pizza place, he worked as a Chartered Accountant with KPMG.

Mutton believes his biggest accomplishment has been buying a pizza shop – and increasing profits by 30% within a couple of years, before finally selling it at a profit. He credits much of this success to ActionCOACH, which helped systemize the business.

Becoming a Chartered accountant has given Mutton an edge in the business world.

“Being a Chartered Accountant provides me with a great understanding of numbers and helps me assess the financial health of any business with relative ease,” he said. “In addition to this, having been a small business owner myself helps me better comprehend the problems faced by other business owners.”

Mutton believes small business owners can overcome most of their problems by working closely with a Business Coach.

“With the help of my Business Coach, I was able to systemize my business and increase profits by 30%. I wish to pass onto clients the skills I learned in order to achieve this,” he said.

Mutton’s first impression of ActionCOACH was excellent.

“I was impressed by how professional they were and how enthusiastic everyone is within the organization about helping you achieve results in your business and life,” he said.

The biggest external factor that strengthened Mutton’s decision to join ActionCOACH was a change in lifestyle for the better.

“With no desire to go back to the corporate world - where I experienced minimal job satisfaction; and working nights at the pizza shop made me realize that ActionCOACH was the perfect move for me,” he said. “I have also been able to see first-hand the results achieved by everyone I know who has been involved with ActionCOACH either as a coach or a business owner.”

Mutton is excited about the prospect of being the “master of his own destiny,” whilst helping people grow their businesses and achieve their goals.

“I am also looking forward to the ability of learning from ActionCOACH members as well as my clients,” he said.

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