Josh McGinnis Has Joined ActionCOACH with a Vision to Establish His Own Business Coaching Firm

Josh McGinnis is the newest ActionCOACH in Tennessee.

Las Vegas, NV, January 21, 2009 --( Master Licensee Lee Huffman has named Josh McGinnis as an ActionCOACH in Tennessee.

His office will be located off Lee Highway in the Alpha/Omega business complex and he will be coaching primarily in the Chattanooga area.

McGinnis describes himself as a franchise owner who is “growing a firm one coach at a time.” He intends on adding one more coach before the end of 2009.

“The firm will be owned by me in partnership with Brad Epperson,” he said. “Brad will be focusing on sales and marketing. His role will fulfill some of what a Business Development Manager (BDM) does, but he will also do much more than that.”

McGinnis first heard about ActionCOACH when he was pursuing a Master’s degree in Psychology.

Upon launching his own coaching and training business, McGinnis realized that just knowing how to coach was not enough for him to successfully run his business.

“This is when I decided to join ActionCOACH based upon its stellar reputation and systems,” he said. “My ML for the area was also a big reason I joined ActionCOACH. I was impressed with Lee Huffman’s values and how he lives by what he says.”

Prior to joining ActionCOACH, McGinnis worked as a personal trainer, and led multi-day retreats designed to allow groups of people to experience the same benefit of individual coaching in a group format.

“In my previous life, I was also a youth minister who specialized in families. I took a group of five teenagers and grew it up to a group of 60 with over 20 volunteers,” he said. “Growing the youth group and also dealing with the problems associated with a group of teenagers that size was a challenging aspect that I successfully handled. I also developed a training event that has helped save marriages and give people greater confidence, allowing them to pursue their goals.”

McGinnis feels that his background in psychology and coaching will allow him to coach inner game issues business owners deal with.

“Some business owners know what to do but don’t do it for some reason,” he said. “I know how to quickly find out what is holding them back and get past it in one or two conversations.”

McGinnis had a positive first impression of ActionCOACH.

“I was amazed with how many systems the company had and the technology it had developed to help business owners grow their businesses,” he said.

McGinnis wanted to take his passion for helping people grow to an organization such as ActionCOACH.

“I was making a good living coaching, but it was not what I ultimately wanted to achieve,” he said. “ActionCOACH provided the firm model which will allow me to create what I wanted to create on my own – but was unable to do.”

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