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New and Improved Online Tool Store

Carbide Processors have completely remodeled their website, and have added an online tool Store with over 10,000 tools. The store boasts Complete lines of Router bits and Drill Bits from Manufacturers like Whiteside, Southeast Tool, Vortex, and Morris Wood Tool, as well as Saw Blades from SystiMatic, Final Cut, and LongLife, and great new tools like the Jack Rabbit Drill and Drive Set.

Tacoma, WA, March 26, 2009 --( Carbide Processors has been in the tool business for over 25 years. Their copious experiences working with numerous companies has made them experts on who sells the finest tools and who has unbeatable prices. Carbide Processors have compiled that information into a Store and website so that they can shore what they have learned about the woodworking world with anyone who wishes to know about it. Carbide Processors has opened up an online store where they sell thousands of tools ranging from the highest quality to the most economical. The Carbide Processors Store offers a vast selection of the finest woodworking tools including top rated saw blades by Longlife© and SysitMatic, Beautifully crafted Router bits from Vortex, Whiteside, Morris Wood Tool, and South East Tool, and scary sharp Drill Bits famous for “working right out of the box.” They also carry those exceptionally unique tools that you can’t find anywhere else.

If you’re looking for tool parts, Carbide Processors has those too. Through research, and some decades of experience, they have found some of the best saw plate and saw tip suppliers in the industry. For many years they have researched how to get the most life out of your saw tips and have patented a technique that does just that. they are known in the industry for having the world’s best brazed tools, and are be happy to offer their expertise and services in this area.

If there is a need for custom made tool, just call. The friendly staff at Carbide Processros love to make custom tools. Let them know what is needed and they will find a solution.

Buying the best tools doesn’t mean paying the highest prices. Carbide Processors buys High quality tools in large quantity to get a discount from the manufacturer, and then passes that discount on to the shopper. This allows them to sell high quality tools at low prices.

Carbide Processors
Emily Erskine