Choosing Rome to Learn Italian Language and Culture

The Italian Language School for Foreigners Leonardo da Vinci organizes in the city of Rome, “Cultural Courses” to learn the language and to dive into the Italian culture.

Florence, Italy, January 23, 2009 --( Rome is certainly one of the favourite destinations chosen by foreign students from all over the world who decide to allow themselves a learning vacation in Italy. Coming in contact with all the aspects of Italian culture is the best way to learn the language, and Rome is a perfect city for this aim.

Just for these reasons, the Italian language school for foreigners Leonardo da Vinci of Rome organizes the “Cultural Courses”, in which language learning, culture and fun walk arm in arm.

In the school of Rome it’s possible to attend the “History of Italian Art Courses”, whose duration is 2 weeks, during which students will learn everything about the history of Rome and its social and artistic influence all over the world.

Otherwise, there’s the peculiar “Culinary Arts Course” for learning to cook at home the delights and goodies of Italian culinary traditions.

“Italian Wine Courses”, a wine itinerary which lasts 2 or 4 weeks allows to discover all the necessary secrets and techniques to create the best Italian wines.

“Italian Language through Italian Art and Culture Courses”, are instead very interesting courses which allow to learn only in 2 weeks the Italian language and to deepen the knowledge about theatre, cinema and literature, combining art classes at the best schools of Rome and language classes at Scuola Leonardo da Vinci.

Finally, the brand new “Professional Italian Cooking Courses”, during which students will be supported by a teaching staff of Italian cuisine professionals of international fame, who will make students skilled chefs.

All these courses are studied to offer students the chance to learn the Italian language in a quick and exciting way coming in contact with the most interesting aspects of Italian culture and traditions.

Students in this way will be encouraged to confront each other and to have a dialogue in Italian language, learning in this way to speak the language in a quick and spontaneous way.

All the information about the Italian Cultural Courses in Rome are available on the school’s website.

Scuola Leonardo Da Vinci
Alessandra Ricci