Launches Mobile Edition of Its Website has launched a simpler version of its popular website for mobile users, hence enhancing the capability of the user coming from a mobile browser. The new mobile site loads automatically on being opened from a mobile browser.

Bangalore, India, January 23, 2009 --( today annouced the launch of its mobile edition. When you visit, it automatically detects if you are browsing from a mobile browser and displays a mobile friendly page to the user. is an online list of Deals, Discounts, Sales and Offers available in your area. At SaleRaja you are sure never again to miss a deal on clothing, apparel, footwear, electronics, household and furniture goods in Delhi and Bangalore.

On the occasion of the launch, a company resource said, "It will help SaleRaja reach to people who are coming from mobile environments better. This initiative is among many of our continuing initiatives to deliver a better product and deliver value to both the advertiser and the customer".

SaleRaja was launched in August 2007. The website has been upgraded many times since then to include Deal Alerts, a new user friendly design, and the ability to narrow down sales by Malls and Markets. "We believe we have built an exceptional product to bridge the gap between the retailer and the customer in the Indian Retail Space", said an earlier release.

On being asked about the effect of recession, the Head of Sales & Marketing remarked, "The financial crisis does not seem to have any effect on SaleRaja. Our Jan 09 traffic numbers are 10 times that of Jan 08. We had October and December 08 as our best months ever, despite the recession and the terror attacks in Mumbai. This really shows the spirit and independence of Indian market from the global markets." He adds, "Some sectors have suffered some slowdown, but certainly not the retail sector."

Sumit Gupta