College Students Report on Dorm Bed Sheets: “Not as Nice as at Home”

In an online survey conducted with college students across the country, found that 50 percent are not satisfied with the sheets on their dorm room beds. When asked for the source of their dissatisfaction, 59 percent answered, “Not as nice as my sheets at home.”

Wilmette, IL, January 23, 2009 --( A national online survey of college students indicates that fully half of the respondents are unhappy with the bed sheets in their dormitories.

Using a combination of Survey Monkey and Facebook, ( invited students to share their thoughts about their dorm room sheets and bedding. In less than a week, more than 200 students provided two clear responses: Some 50 percent indicated they were not satisfied with their sheets. And the single largest source of their dissatisfaction: “Not as nice as my sheets at home.”

“Getting a good night’s sleep is important for students who want to be their best - academically, socially, athletically and physically. When they’re uncomfortable in bed, they’re not getting the full sleep they need," says Peggy Allen, founding partner.

“Parents and students should know that buying sheets isn’t just as simple as choosing a color. It’s important to look at the quality and fit in order to assure comfort,” adds Ronda Pierson, Allen’s partner.

Students responding to the surveys were mostly freshmen (83 percent), most live in a college or university residence hall (85 percent) and most have a twin extra long sized dorm bed (82 percent).

“The odd-sized bed may be the source of the problem,” according to Pierson. “Finding high quality all cotton sheets, comforters, and mattress pads to fit twin extra-long beds isn’t that easy.”

When the students were asked where they had purchased the sheets and bedding for their dorm room beds, most indicated big-box department stores such as Kmart, Target, Macy’s, Kohl’s, and specialty retailers like Bed, Bath & Beyond and Linens ’n Things (which reported it would liquidate after the survey was conducted in September, 2008).

“Big retailers don’t necessarily carry the best products, likely because they see it as a seasonal business,” suggests Allen.

The survey asked students to provide multiple reasons for their dissatisfaction. Responses included:

• 59% “Not as nice as my sheets at home”
• 35% “The colors don’t thrill me”
• 27% “The mattress is lumpy/uncomfortable”
• 19% “Itchy/scratchy sheets”
• 18% “They don’t fit the bed well”
• 10% “They don’t stand up after repeated washings”
• 9% “I don’t get a good night’s sleep”
• 8% “The sheets are pilling”

“We started our business based on two simple ideas: College students want to sleep on the same quality bedding they’ve been sleeping on at home, and their parents deserve both peace of mind and superior service,” says Allen. “This survey validates the first part of that equation.”

Pierson adds, “As experienced moms, we know the second part also is true. We talk to mothers of college students every week, and they really appreciate the knowledge we bring to our business along with the ease of ordering.” offers high thread count all cotton sheets, down and down-free comforters, mattress pads and covers, and featherbeds all sized to fit twin extra-long mattresses. The company offers its product to consumers through its website, and it is working with colleges and universities to provide cooperative bed linen programs.

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