Green Education Foundation Announces I Ride Green Campaign

Nationwide campaign is enlisting an army of Green-Keepers to Ride Green.

Denver, CO, January 24, 2009 --( The Green Education Foundation is mobilizing children and adults to make a concerted effort to Ride Green. The average American is responsible for about 20 tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year, a far greater per capita number than that of any other industrialized country. In fact, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the U.S. accounts for more than 20% of the world's total greenhouse gas emissions. The U.S. Department of Transportation also reports that American adults use vehicles even when they are traveling ½ mile or less. These short trips culminate in 15 million miles every single day. The Green Education Foundation I Ride Green campaign is combating these alarming statistics by mobilizing children and adults to Ride Green.

Riding green is simple, but replicated nationwide has the potential to significantly reduce the tons of toxic fumes polluting our air with the added benefit of promoting health. There are two ways to Ride Green. The first, as a rule, choose a non-motorized means of transportation, such as bike riding or rollerblading and get the added physical health benefit. Second, when you absolutely have to utilize motorized transportation opt to carpool, when safe, or take public transportation. The Green Education Foundation is seeking the support of parents, children, and sports teams to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels by making a concerted effort to Ride Green to work, school, and all after-school activities.

The Green Education Foundation will track the number of individuals who pledge to Ride Green on its website. The goal is to enlist one million riders by the September 2012 (Summer Olympics). For more information on this campaign as well as the details on how to sign up to be an I Ride Green participant, please visit: . For all the details on how to sign up to participate in National Green Week and to become a registered ride-green team that is counted in a running tally on the National Green Week website, go to:

Commented Victoria Waters, president of the Green Education Foundation, “When I was a kid, biking was the only way to get to your friends house and after-school activities. The goal of the I Ride Green campaign is to re-ignite a passion for non-motorized transportation, the healthy option for both the environment and children.”

All I Ride Green enthusiasts are also encouraged to enroll their schools in National Green Week, an environmental public awareness campaign mobilizing one million students that is scheduled to begin the week of February 2-8, 2009 and will run through Earth Day, April 22, 2009. Participating schools can plan their green week anytime between these dates. National Green Week will prove that students, parents and communities by working together can institute personal and systemic environmentally-sound practices that have measurable and sustainable impact on global environmental issues. Enroll your school or organization today at:

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The Green Education Foundation provides educational resources that promote sustainable, impactful pro-green behaviors in children, families and communities. We believe that children are in the best position to change the future with consistent and learned green behaviors. Green Education Foundation guides this younger generation through its programs and tools by effectively linking hands-on activities with academics. For more information, please visit or call 1-888-668-2298.

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