First Choice Business Brokers (FCBB) Intensifies Search of Master Franchisees in Europe

Recent listing at Frankfurt Stock Exchange signalizes prime importance of the German market for FCBB – FCBB provides quick return of up-front investment and great long-term residual income for Masters – German spokesman and Public and Investor Relations Agency for enhanced brand development in Germany.

Las Vegas, NV, January 28, 2009 --( First Choice Business Brokers (FCBB), a global franchisor located in Nevada, is intensifying the Master Franchisee search in Europe now. With the recent listing at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange the company understands the prime importance of the German market for the intended international success. Jeffrey Nyman, CEO of FCBB, explains: “Many enterprisers of the post-war generation are moving into retirement within the next years. Due to this generation change the number of business successions in Germany will rise significantly within the next years – experts even expect four out of ten entrepreneurs to be confronted with this matter within the next five years. This underlines the great business opportunity for a First Choice Business Broker in Germany.”

A potential Master will own specific territories and have Franchises available for sale there. The territory can be a specific country as well as a portion of country depending on population and density. “The Territory is exclusive – what the Master is ultimately investing in is an opportunity to create a quick return of the up-front investment and a great long-term residual income”, Jeffrey Nyman, CEO of FCBB, explains and elaborates: “There are two ways of making money: First, through the sale of Franchises, second, through ongoing Franchise royalties.”

FCBB assists Master Franchisees with sales, marketing and overall running of the business. With a German spokesman as well as a German Public and Investor Relations agency FCBB will increasingly conduct the brand development in Germany. “With our agreement the Master buys the right to market his services under the name of FCBB through the Franchisees. The package we offer includes many years of research, development, refinement of the systems, marketing strategies, computer programs as well as training and support”, states Jeffrey Nyman, and adds: “The Master will attend the five day training program that we normally run for Franchisees plus additional Master Franchisee training so he or she will truly understand what the actual business is all about. Additionally the Master will receive ongoing training and support.”

The Company
First Choice Business Brokers is a fast-growing global franchisor who assists small and medium-size business owners in valuing their businesses and finding buyers. The customers of First Choice Business Brokers include both franchisees and business owners who want to sell their businesses. FCBB is not a competitor of mergers and acquisitions, as it focuses on small and mid-size companies. FCBB comes from the most regulated country within the franchising industry (USA) so it can offer its customers a depth of industry knowledge few other companies can. Through franchising, FCBB generates rapid growth – since the formation of the company, FCBB has launched over 20 franchises and trained over 150 agents.

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